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Articles from the November 18, 2022 edition

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  • Kevin McCarthy Replaces Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of US House of Representatives, as Republicans Win Majority

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Nov 18, 2022

    13-- A full 8 days after the US midterm elections, the Republicans have captured the House of Representatives. This according to the website, considered a reliable source of information about election results. The House of Representatives has 434 voting members. 217 is half of 434, and 218 is a majority. According to the website, the House now stands at 218 for the Republicans, 210 for the Democrats with 6 House races still too close to call. Nancy Pelosi, who has...

  • Social Security if You're 70 and Still Working

    Rusty Gleer, Association of Mature American Citizens|Nov 18, 2022

    Ask Rusty – How Do I Avoid Pitfalls and Get Maximum Social Security? Dear Rusty: I turned 70 in June of this year and want to start receiving benefits. I am currently working full time as well. I want to set things up and get started in the most advantageous way so that my benefit is maximized even when I stop working. What are your recommendations for me to intelligently start the process and avoid any pitfalls? Signed: Ready to Claim Dear Ready to Claim: Since you are past 70 years of age, y...

  • Police Pursuit Ends on Ocean Avenue and Colorado, Near Santa Monica Pier Thursday Night

    Matthew Gonzalez, Observer Staff Writer|Nov 18, 2022

    7: Police pursuits happen almost every day in LA County (OJ's Bronco being the most famous). Tonight, one ended on Ocean Avenue near the Santa Monica Pier, which is unusual. Here's the police press release, from Lt. Rudy Flores, Public Information Officer for the SMPD: The Santa Monica police department responded to a reported call of a man who aimed a gun at a driver in a black Mercedes. When officers arrived to the area of the Santa Monica Pier (Colorado and Ocean), they located the...

  • Gascon Uses Taxpayer Money to Defend Himself Against Lawsuits Arising From His Unethical and Illegal Policies and Procedures

    Eric Siddall, VP Association of Deputy District Attorneys|Nov 18, 2022

    "Internal terrorist" is an old LAPD management term used for those who don't "get with the program." Much has changed within LAPD, but not for some of its alums. One in particular, George Gascón-former LAPD brass-used the antiquated term during his campaign for district attorney. When asked how he would work within civil service rules to implement his agenda, he was not concerned. "I know certainly how to deal" with "internal terrorists." He wasn't lying. Since Gascón took office on December 7...

  • China Fishes Extensively in South American Waters; One of Largest Investment Funds Leaves Argentina;

    InterAmerican Watch News|Nov 18, 2022

    China's Hunger for Fish Increases in Latin America China's fishing activities from January to May 31, 2022, near the exclusive economic zones of Ecuador, Peru, and Argentina, were four times greater than those of all other countries combined that fish in the same areas, an investigative report from The New York Times indicated. In contrast, in all of 2021, the Chinese fishing fleet spent an equal...