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Articles from the December 29, 2020 edition

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  • Police Pursuit Ends at Pico and 11th Street; SMPD Searching for 2 Suspects

    Samuel Alioto, Observer Staff Writer|Dec 29, 2020

    A police pursuit ended at 11th Street and Pico Blvd Saturday night 12/26/20, at about 9:30 PM. The Santa Monica Police and Highway Patrol were searching for 2 suspects who fled the cash of their vehicle. An SMPD vehicle was also involved in the crash. Two Santa Monica police officers suffered injuries in the crash. A go fund me page was set up to raise $15,000 for their recovery. A tow truck was seen driving away from the intersection with the damaged police SUV. Local residents said the focus...

  • When Should I Claim Social Security? The answer can be complicated

    Russel Gloor, Association of Mature American Citizens|Dec 29, 2020

    Ask Rusty – I'm 66. When Should I Claim Social Security? Dear Rusty: I'd like to get advice on when I should begin taking my Social Security benefit. I turned 66 in October of 2020. Signed: Pondering Retirement Dear Pondering: Deciding when to claim your Social Security benefit is a personal choice which should consider several factors, most importantly: • Your need for the money at this time • Your current health and expected longevity • Your marital status Since you have already reached...

  • Sylvan Learning Goes On: Is your child excelling this year or has Covid left them behind?

    Liz Angeles, Observer Staff Writer|Dec 29, 2020

    Sylvan Santa Monica has reopened for virtual instruction amid the ongoing pandemic. We spoke with Managing Director, Ed Guirguis, and found they have a deep commitment to help local families. “Sylvan is a little like others, but different. We believe that learning should be personal and our kids need something unique to them. The assessment tests for reading, writing and math help you gather a more complete picture of your child’s educational standing, allowing you to see the academic gaps tha...

  • Los Angeles County Reminds Everyone Not to Attend Church on Christmas

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Dec 29, 2020

    The County of Los Angeles has issued a statement reminding you not to go to Church, just in case you might forget. Because while a George Floyd rally is perfectly safe, being indoors worshipping God on a Christian holiday, is just as obviously unsafe. And then authorities want to know why they have no credibility. The Statement from the County says Church is unsafe "no matter what a Superior Court judge says," referring to a recent Court victory for Christians on First Amendment Grounds. A...

  • Suspect Identified in Nashville RV Explosion. Anthony Quinn Warner, 63 also Owned a House in Los Angeles

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Dec 29, 2020

    Update 12/27: The FBI identified a 63-year-old man as a person of interest in the investigation. Anthony Quinn Warner also owned a home near downtown LA, but recently quitclaimed it to an unidentified woman. Investigators searched his home in the Antioch neighborhood of Nashville. Google Street View images of the address of Warner appeared to show an RV similar to the one used in the bombing. Neighbors of the property told a local news outlet that they recognized the RV in the image released by...

  • Brentwood Citizen App Falsely Reported Home Invasions but Promises to Improve Reporting Now

    Michelle Bissnof, Brentwood Community Council|Dec 29, 2020

    CITIZEN App Update - for the 13,000 Users in Brentwood. Dear Community & Citizen Mobile App Users: The BCC and LAPD have been working closely with Citizen Mobile App to ensure the reported information is accurate. There have been several recent incidents where the information was incorrectly reported and caused significant community concern. Last week, we learned that Citizen Mobile App was altering the LAPD call data - for example, if someone reported a "hot prowl burglary" - meaning someone...