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5 Injured in Montana Avenue Fire


Christine Peake

Montana Avenue was closed between 10th and 12th streets as emergency workers battled a fire reportedly in a private residence behind Erickson Realty at 1030 Montana. Firefighters used pickaxes and saws to break through the roof. Paramedics were seen transporting victims away from the scene.

Christine Peake

LAFD officer Butler confirmed there was more than one injury. Later reports indicated that 5 people were hospitalized, including 3 officers. At least one victim, an 89-year-old man, is in serious condition.

LAFD responded because of mutual aid agreements between the cities of Los Angeles and Santa Monica. "And while we're here, we go out on other calls too. Same with them, same with Santa Monica, when we call on them for help, which we do whenever there's a nearby active fire." He added that "the entire Santa Monica Fire Dept. is here today."


Reader Comments

w629 writes:

I can't say this for sure but from what I've been told, the owner of the property was living in rooms that were part of the Erickson Realty office. I'm not sure if Erickson is an active real estate company; I don't think it has been for many years. The injured elderly man might have been Mr. Erickson himself.


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