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Santa Monica Auctions Celebrate 30 Years


Santa Monica Auctions is pleased to announce their 30 Year Anniversary Auction - an auction of modern and contemporary artwork of all mediums on Sunday June 8, 2014 beginning at 12PM at Bergamot Station Arts Center in Santa Monica, CA.

This is a benchmark auction celebrating the 30 year anniversary of Santa Monica Auctions. Based in Santa Monica, Santa Monica Auctions is the longest running independently owned and operated boutique auction house in Los Angeles. Santa Monicaauctions began their auctions in 1984 in any public space that came available in Santa Monica from the bar “The Pink” to an underground parking garage on Main Street. In 1994 they opened its flagship location at the Bergamot Station Arts Center in Santa Monica, which in 2013 was removed for the MTA Expo Train Stop. Santa Monica Auctions then gained two new spaces at Bergamot Station Arts Center, Suite A5 and Suite B7, which is where its auctions are currently operated and held.


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