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By Preity Upala
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Distinctive Assets Award Gifting Event- The Awards Gifting Event with a difference.


Award season in Hollywood is always an exciting time and the 2016 Oscar season was witness to a variety of different gifting suites happening all around tinsel town in honor of the nominees. Los Angeles based niche entertainment agency, Distinctive Assets was once again the host of their flagship Oscar gift bag. This year they treated the stars to an array of exciting and cutting edge brands and products from the USA and international.

Distinctive Assets is a leader in celebrity gifting was founded by the Sultan of Swag, Mr. Lash Fary in 1999 whose vision was to honor well deserved TV and Film artists who have inspired and uplifted audiences through their work by gifting them with some of America’s most exciting products.

Distinctive Assets have set new standards in giving and receiving though their signature giftbags stresses that they are able to use our coveted access to celebrities to help our clients leverage the star power of Hollywood to better reach consumers. They act as a platform for brands that are looking for a great opportunity to get their products in the hands of image makers and social influencers within the entertainment industry.

So what did the Academy award nominees get this year in their swag worth over 200,000?

The most interesting gift was the “Vampire breast lift” courtesy of Dr. Charles Runels, which is said to enhance breast cleavage by using plasma from your own skin to rejuvenate and replenish the breast tissues.

Other goodies include Dandi patches to keep the under arms nice and dry by Dandi. Also present were personalized M&M’s worth $300 with cute celebratory messages such as “Academy nominee” to remind them of their achievements every time they indulge in one.

Another unique gift was a selection of high-end toiletries from Body care company Joseph’s. Estimated at $275, this kit includes uber expensive toilet paper and rumored to have been endorsed by Gwyneth Paltrow herself.

Other gifts included Vaporizer from Haze technologies and Noon Virtuality Headset.

However, the biggest ticket item this year was a free all inclusive, luxurious trip to Israel, courtesy of luxury travel and tour company, Explore Israel.

In their own words, “Our decades of bringing visitors of every religious persuasion to the land of Israel, has given us a precious window of insight into this pulsating country whose cultural currency is a dynamic interplay of antiquity, modernity, legend and lore.”

I had the privilege to interview a spokesperson from Explore Israel to understand the intention behind this trip and they stressed that it really puts Israel on the map not only as a tourist spot but also a film shooting location.

“Israel is a country as big as the size of New Jersey yet it is blessed with everything- beaches, city, snow, mountains, desert and nature. You name it, we have it”. In the wake of the Boycott Israel movement, this trip serves a great purpose to show the beauty and humanity that exists in this amazing country.”

Ultimately the Media and Hollywood can affect people’s perception so this is a giant leap in the direction of emphasizing a powerful and positive image on the global stage.

No awards gift bag is never complete without a selection of the newest in beauty care. This year Lizora showcased their latest Tea skin care collection to the value of $31,000. Also on offer were Plastic surgery treatments courtesy of Park Avenue Plastic Surgeons of New York.

Finally for some sweet treats, there were delicious Maple syrup and Maple dressing from confectionery company Rouge. This gift also came with a VIP certificate of Adoption of a Maple tree in Quebec, Canada.

But keeping with the founder’s Lash Fary’s vision, it was not all glamour as the 2016 gift bag also included a donation of 10,000 bowls of pet food to the charity of your choice. A very thoughtful charitable cause, ensuring the pets are kept happy as are their celebrity owners.


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