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Boston Globe prints fake anti-Trump front page

"Deportations to Begin" in large type and reminds readers of Trump's Threats

The Boston Globe printed a mock front page Sunday, ripping what the paper's editorial board called Donald Trump's "flippant and reckless" White House run and contending his vision for the country is "profoundly un-American."

The mock front page screams "Deportations to Begin" in large type and reminds readers of the GOP frontrunner's promises to build a wall on the Mexican border and target "scum" reporters. It also suggests that the military would refuse to kill family members of the Islamic State; contends that President Trump's actions would spark a trade war with China and Mexico; and jokes that Yellowstone National Park would be renamed Trump National Park, which is less of a "loser" name.

The Globe's editorial board called the page, which is dated April 9, 2017, "the front page we hope we never have to print." The fake page appears inside the paper, not on the actual front of the Sunday edition.

In an accompanying editorial, the paper's leaders called upon delegates to the Republican National Convention to choose someone else, such as House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., or Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor and party's presidential nominee four years ago. The editorial board said it merely took Trump's claims to their logical conclusions.

"The toxic mix of violent intimidation, hostility to criticism, and explicit scapegoating of minorities shows a political movement is taking hold in America. If Trump were a politician running such a campaign in a foreign country right now, the U.S. State Department would probably be condemning him," The Globe editorial board wrote. "It is better to lose with principle than to accept a dangerous deal from a demagogue."

Trump and other Republican candidates are racing toward the party's July nominating convention in Cleveland, and it appears Trump won't have the nomination sewn up before then. That raises the likelihood of a contested convention in which other candidates, including those who haven't been campaigning, could seek the nomination.

On Super Tuesday, Trump easily won the Massachusetts Republican primary, collecting 22 delegates and nearly 50% of the vote.

Trump's campaign didn't immediately respond to a request for comment late Saturday.


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