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Prince had been dead for at least 6 hours when his body was found: Newspaper

Minneapolis Star Tribune also told he had been treated for opiod addiction the day before

Iconic Singer Prince Rogers Nelson had likely been dead for at least six hours before his staff found him inside an elevator at his Paisley Park home April 21, says the Minneapolis Star Tribune, quoting sources.

The Star-Tribune report stated that it was Prince's old friend and drummer Kirk Johnson and Prince's assistant, Meron Bekure, who found the singer's body in the elevator.

People close to the investigation into Prince's death told the Star-Tribune that the pop icon was given intravenous treatment at an unspecified hospital, the day prior to his death.

In the weeks preceeding his death, a local doctor also treated Prince for withdrawal symptoms from opioid addiction, according to the report.

Prince reportedly suffered an opioid overdose in Moline, Ill. on April 15 while traveling home on his private plane. The plane was forced to land due to the singer's condition.

Prince's grew increasingly irritable and agitated. Responding to this, his staff found Dr. Howard Kornfeld, a pain and addiction specialist in Mill Valley. A call to Kornfeld was reportedly made less than 12 hours before Prince's body was found.

Sources also told the newspaper the painkiller Percocet was detected in Prince's body when he died, and pills were found at the death scene.


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