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By Stan Greene
Observer Staff Writer 

Grand Jury Will Soon Indict Shooter's Wife, Noor Salman, as an accomplice to murder

Noor Salman will face charges of being an accomplice before the fact.


The Mateens with their 2 year old boy. Authorities say he killed dozens of people inside the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fla., on Sunday, June 12, 2016. The gunman opened fire inside the crowded gay nightclub before dying in a gunfight with SWAT officers, police said.

Federal investigators continued Wednesday to methodically retrace Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen's recent activities and contacts. Reportedly the investigation is now focused on Noor Salman, his wife. Authorities say she knew about her husband's plans to machine gun people in the Pulse nightclub.

Salman could be charged with 49 counts of accessory to murder, 53 counts of attempted murder, and of knowing about a terrorist plot in advance and not telling authorities. The Palestinian American is from California, where investigators have raided her parents home.

Although a spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Florida would neither confirm nor deny that a grand jury has already begun investigating the case, an FBI source told on Tuesday that a panel was already targeting Noor Salman, 30. Veteran federal prosecutors said that would be consistent with standard procedure.

Salman is one of 4 daughters from a conservative Arab American family. She says Mateen told her he was planning a Jihadi attack, and she tried to talk him out of it (but did not go to authorities with that information). She was with him when he called 911, a still unidentified friend, and a local radio station, just before the attack.

"In terms of the wife, she could be charged with aiding and abetting, being a co-conspirator, or making false statements to federal investigators, depending on what she did," said John Malcolm, director of the Heritage Foundation's Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies. "For example, if she knew her husband's plans and was with him when he purchased the firearms, helped him to scope out the joint, covered up evidence or lied to investigators about what she knows, that could lead to an indictment."

She went to the nightclub on several occasions with her husband before the shooting (Mateen himself went there dozens of times)> They also went to Disney World on three occasions, evidently to casing it for a massacre that fortunately, never happened.

A pretty brunette, Salman may have been trying to play the part of a dutiful Moslem wife for her Afghani husband. He had a hard time holding onto work, given his mouth and his emotional instability. Surveillance tape shows her purchasing ammunition with her husband. She claims she tried to talk him out of it, out of the Pulse nightclub shooting. Which of course means they discussed it.

Michael Fourtier helped Timothy McVeigh plan the Oklahoma City bombing in April 19, 1995, but did not actually participate in it that day. He received a ten year sentence, after pleading guilty and cooperating.

As a security guard, Omar Mateen in 2007 passed a full background check, and in 2013 he also passed a back ground check. But also in 2013, he was removed from his job as a security guard at a courthouse, because he made derogatory comments about Jews and said also that the Fort Hood shooter was justified in killing 13 Army members.

Said the older Mateen, the shooter's father: "My grandson is now a victim of Isis. No one is sympathizing with me, but he sympathizes with Isis. That's the terrorist idea. Isis is the most horrible Terrorist group."

Did your son struggle with his sexuality, I don't think he was gay, I think he was going for Scouting because he was influenced by this horrible group

If he has extreme view, if he wants to talk about this issue, I would like to debate with him about this issue. He makes fun of anyone who wants to resist him.

i run out of energy, and the same time, it's the worst day of my life, I don't wish this for any father. People of the United Staes are wonderful people. 50 people lost, I came with the idea we're all victims of terrorism. He was responsible for his own family, the son was suffering for his own family, and his fifty people.

I would have arrested him. He simply said his daughter in law was doing fine, he had not spoken to him.


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