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By Stan Greene
Observer Staff Writer 

Clinton Accuses Trump of "Killing Me Softly With His Words."

Hillary Clinton Calls Donald Trump an "Alt-Right Racist," as Trump said to "Flip Flop" on Immigration


August 29, 2016

Hillary Clinton delivered a speech in Indiana Friday night, a seminal important speech in which she commented on the speeches of Republican Candidate, Donald Trump. As Roberta Flack said of Don McLean, Clinton said of Don Trump:

I heard he sang a good song, I heard he had a style

And so I came to see him, to Listen for a while

And there he was this young boy, A stranger to my eyes

He was strumming my pain with his fingers

Singing my life with his words

Killing me softly with his song, killing me softly with his song!

Telling my whole life with his words

Killing me softly with his song

Okay, not really, but that would have been pretty cool, wouldn't it? Like, if Hill took out a guitar, and referencing the Donald, started strumming it and singing, clear and strong .....

But no, that's not what happened, not in this reality. Actually, Hillary called Donald a racist. Alleging that Trump is trying to bring a hate movement into the mainstream, she noted that the real estate magnates admirers include members of the Ku Klux Klan, that he was slow to disavow praise from KKK leader David Duke during the primary, and that he has retweeted comments from white supremacists online., says

"Through it all he has continued to push conspiracy theories with racist undertones," she said, referencing for example the Obama is Kenyan or Muslim theory.

She also painted the Alt-Right, which includes such mainstream figures as Sarah Palin, as racist. In particular, Clinton assailed, the most well known Alt-Right website. I'm sure Breitbart's editors couldn't wait to go home and brag about that one to their Spouses and families.

The media pretty much ignored Hillary's speech, however.

The big news, reported all over for 3 days, was that "Trump flip flopped on immigration." Well he kind of did. In the words of the New York Times, "Mr. Trump faced anger, confusion and disgust from across the political spectrum on Thursday after indicating he was open to letting some undocumented immigrants remain in the country legally provided they paid "back taxes."

"The comments were strikingly similar to the views of former Gov. Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio of Forida, fellow Republicans whom Trump vanquished in the primaries," said the NYT, adding that Trump risked alienating his Alt Right base.

As usual, the mainstream media news focused endlessly on Donald, and ignored Hillary's provocative speech. Why is that?

Rush Limbaugh had an explanation. He says that Hillary delivering a speech is about as interesting as Jim Lehrer hosting the PBS News Hour, whereas Donald Trump is Kim Kardashian. Trump sings a good song and has a style. And this, postulates Limbaugh, is the reason that Trump will ultimately prevail in this election.

"The left wing, drive by media always allows the Democratic candidate to label the Republican candidate as racist," alleged Limbaugh. "They labeled Mitt Romney, the most decent and honorable man ever to run for US President, as a racist. No one who has actually worked with Donald Trump believes that he's a racist."

Clinton is up in the polls, Limbaugh acknowledges. But he he theorizes that as with Brexit, people (a few percentage points) are lying to pollsters and saying they're going to vote for Hillary, because they don't want to be thought of as racists.

You can pray that he would finish, Limbaugh says, but he just keeps right on telling it like it is to the American voter. As with Brexit, this is why Trump is probably going to win in November, no matter what the polls say.


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