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By Stan Greene
Observer Staff Writer 

Why the Access Hollywood Tape Will Actually Help Donald Trump Win the Presidency

In a year of longing for authenticity, what should've been a disaster has actually strengthened Trump


October 12, 2016

Donald Trump appears in front of a cheering crowd of people in NYC on Saturday. The effect of the release of his 2005 indiscrete comments appears to be positive for Trump. Sorry, MSNBC and Chuck Todd.

Donald Trump's boorish banter with Billy Bush (George HW Bush's Nephew) on the set of Access Hollywood when the two men were traveling to meet Actress Adriana Zucker, have been condemned roundly by everyone on Earth.

From John McCain to Trump running mate Mike Pence to his wife Melania Trump, folks have rushed to distance themselves from the Republican nominee for President. Hell, even Tic Tacs condemned Trump ("Tic Tacs does not condone abuse of women"--thanks for clarifying that, guys). We're still waiting to hear from ISIS and Al Qaeda, but they'll probably condemn Trump for his comments, too.

NBC's chief political correspondent Chuck Todd has declared the election over. "Donald Trump has lost to Hillary Clinton, and the Republican Party can only minimize the damage at best." MSNBC is talking about no other story, shaking their head as they declare that orange is the new black.

But my analysis is that this controversy will, like so many past controversies, benefit Trump. I assume that you are familiar with the audio tape (unless you live in Karagande, Uzbekistan). I admit that no polls have been released since Friday, when Billy Bushgate broke.

This is unscientific and is based on my trolling of Twitter, Facebook, Breitbart and other sources. The Audiotape released Friday will not hurt Trump, and appears to be actually helping his presidential chances. Here's why:

1. The release of the tape came suspiciously on an October Friday when Wikileaks also released Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta's e mails. US voters are not fools. If the eleven year old audio had been released in March, no one would remember it. They know someone, probably the Clinton campaign itself, decided to drop the bomb at the time it would do the most harm. Voters don't like being manipulated.

2. Trump's voters already knew he talked like this. Like a construction worker, or a coal miner, or a longshoreman, or a truck driver. They're not college boys (or girls) by and large, his supporters, retreating into safe rooms at a hint of micro-aggressive political incorrectness. They've all said stuff like this, not on audio tape. It actually makes Trump seem more like one of them, and less like the academicians they despise.

3. Voters, Millenials especially, admire authenticity. That's why reality TV is so popular with this demographic. Trump never looked more sincere then when he apologized for this. The way he handled it, while not skillful, was also authentic. Issuing a written apology, then a 90 second videotaped apology. Today he came out on the street in front of Trump Tower in NYC, Donald Trump was cheered by the crowd. Sorry, MSNBC.

4. Speaking of authenticity, those released Wikileaks speeches show that Hillary Clinton says one thing to Wall Street donors and something very different on the campaign trail. She's far from her middle class roots, as she herself says. Clinton told them she dreams of open borders from Tierra del Fuego through Central America and Mexico across the USA and into Canada. At least that's honest. But it's not what the aforementioned truck drivers, construction workers, or coal miners want. At all. In the slightest.

5. The Bill Clinton Comparison: Yes, Trump indeed "said some foolish things," but Bill Clinton is a longtime groper and more, as everyone who lived through the 90's knows. Mrs. Clinton is where she is only because she married Bill Clinton 40 years ago, and everyone knows that as well. If you forgive Bill, you have to forgive Donald, too.

6. There are remarkably few allegations of sexual harassment or other misconduct by the dozens of women who have, over the years, worked closely with Donald Trump in his various businesses. Talking about groping is not the same as doing it. Even Jimmy Carter has lusted in his heart, as he famously said.

Youtube video entitled "Donald Trump Said Pussy!" pokes fun at Democratic reaction. Trump voters just don't care, and Donald Trump continues to be made of teflon.

7. All men struggle to control their sexual impulses. All women with any understanding of men know this. As Trump put it, he and his followers live in the real world, not the constructed politically correct world of the Left.

8. It's the economy, Stupid. People have seen their health insurance premiums increase, while Americans haven't seen progress in 15 years on wages. Low interest rates have benefited only the affluent, who have access to cheap credit. The argument that they cannot afford 4 more years of Obama era economic policies, is very compelling to many voters.

Once again, Donald Trump appears to have turned defeat into victory. We will know for sure when we watch how America reacts to him during Sunday night's debate at Washington University in St. Louis.

Disclosure: I have stated publicly that I am voting for Gary Johnson for President, which puts me in neither major candidates camp.


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