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Apple's "Share With Everyone" Frankenstein Commercial is a tear jerker

The computer giant releases a spot featuring Brad Garrett as Frankenstein's monster

Can you feel left out even if you own the latest iPhone 7? You can if you're Frankenstein's monster. The computer giant has released a 2 minute commercial on their youtube page which shows Frankenstein's monster (Brad Garrett), descending into a town to sing "Home for the holidays." He is encouraged by a little girl, who recognizes that he just needs to feel included.

The whole town joins in on the caroling. The ad switches rapidly back and forth from the 19th Century to the 21st, but then that's the charm of it.

"An unexpected holiday visitor finally receives the warm welcome he’s always yearned for," is the grammatically incorrect tagline.

This year’s holiday ad limits product placement to a single iPhone 7 with Voice Memos being used to record a small music box. Ads in previous years have prominently included the whole family of Apple products.

The ad is a response to disunity, says It has of course, been an unusually divisive American presidential election. People in the streets are protesting that, as well as police shootings. Last week, Amazon released an ad showing a priest having tea with an imam, and the Apple ad may be said to echo that theme.

"Directed by Park Pictures' Lance Acord (who also directed Apple's Emmy-winning 2013 holiday ad, "Misunderstood"), it's a remarkable piece of work and a study in contrasts—dark and light, sad and happy, lonely and full of love," says trade pub Adweek, pointing out that a photo of Mary Shelley is framed on the monster's wall in the opening scene.

Warning: You will cry.

Garrett has won three Primetime Emmy Awards, with three other nominations. He is still prominent within stand-up comedy and is also a professional poker player. Garrett is recognized for his imposing height of 6'8", and his deep voice. Garrett (born Brad H. Gerstenfeld) is an American actor, voice actor, stand-up comedian and professional poker player. He has appeared in numerous television and film roles.

Garrett, 56, was initially successful as a stand-up comedian in the early 1980s. Taking advantage of that success in the late 1980s, Garrett began appearing in television and film, in minor and guest roles. His first major role was Robert Barone on the CBS series Everybody Loves Raymond. The series debuted September 13, 1996 and ran for nine seasons.

You may have seen Garrett before in Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World (1998), An Extremely Goofy Movie (2000), Stuart Little 2 (2002), Finding Nemo (2003), Garfield (2004), The Pacifier (2005), Night at the Museum (2006), Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009), Tangled (2010), Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil (2011) and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016). Garrett also played the leading role of Eddie Stark on the Fox television series 'Til Death from 2006 to 2010.


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