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Young Woman Claims She's Getting an Abortion, for Trump

Tweets that she doesn't want inauguration day to be the day she found out she was pregnant.


January 22, 2017

A young woman named Helen Marona posted on Facebook that she intends to abort her fetus because Donald Trump was inaugurated today. Social media was rife with people responding to her sentiment, which added that she didn't want inauguration day to be the day she found out she was pregnant.

Marona wrote: "Today my doctor told me I was pregnant. At first I was happy, but then I realised what it means. I don't really want to do it but I'm considering making an appointment to get an abortion because I don't want to associate the day I found about my child with the day that fascist pig Donald Trump became The President of my wonderful country. I'm just so emotional rn can anyone give me advice?"

Her friend Alisha Meadows responded: "OMG babe I am so upset for you I can't believe how I would feel if I were in ur shoes. Just go with your heart, we are all here to support you whatvr you decide to"

DarrelIce wrote: "This is true. I have just read our Twitter that a lady in the US found out today that she is pregnant but is considering an abortion. This is because she doesn't want this news to be associated with the inauguration of Mr Trump.

The next tweet from her friend says "just go with you heart babe we are here to support you"

Given what I have seen today this lady and tens of thousands of others across the pond are in urgent need of mass psychiatric help. Disgusting"

PrincessLeia77 tweeted:"#helenmarona others gave birth& got married on 9/11 only to have that one awful day. Time to LIVE in spite of sorrow! Hold onto joy hon!"

President Trump's opinions about abortion have varied overtime. He told interviewers in the 1990's that he was "pro choice." He told Chris Matthews, an interviewer on CNBC, that he thought abortion should be illegal and that women should be punished for having one. He backed away from that comment, saying he meant the doctors should be punished, not the mothers.

Abortion in the first half of a woman's pregnancy has been legal in the United States since 1972, due to a Supreme Court decision known as Roe v. Wade. It is doubtful that a president could change this directly.


Reader Comments

ALG writes:

Please fact check before you spread gross misinformation like this. is post is absolutely totally 100% fake. It took me exactly 5 minutes on goigle, facebook, and twitter. Exhibit A: as was posted in this thread, hours ago, the account of Helen Marona had 2 friends, and then was closed immediately. It was opened for the express purpose of creating this ONE post. Neither Helen nor Alisha exist in facebook now. Exhibit B: Check this *American* girl's spelling of the word 'realize'...spelled with an S. Brits and Canadians are notorious for using S instead of Z. Exhibit C: This post originated on twitter. From the account of Paul Joseph Watson, a self-professed social media pot-stirrer, from LONDON. He created the post. The end.

DHorts writes:

Is this young woman insane? What reasonable person would abort their child because she found out she was pregnant on inauguration day? Roe vs Wade was implemented just for this reason so she can abort about the 60th million child in the US since 1973.


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