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Cinemagic: Making Music And Making A Difference At Hamilton High School.

Join the festival for an unforgettable season to celebrate the achievements and talent of young people enabled by this innovative initiative.


February 16, 2017

Join the festival for an unforgettable season to celebrate the achievements and talent of young people enabled by this innovative initiative.

Today talented musical youth representing 19 different schools from Northern Ireland, Ireland and USA came together at Hamilton High School to record a very special Cinemagic Song which will be preformed on Thursday night at the Cinemagic LA Gala. The soulful song is called Colors of the Soul.

The upcoming gala is a red carpet much anticipated event on the Hollywood calendar held at the luxurious Fairmont Miramar hotel in Santa Monica.

Film and Music have always served as the inspiration to the soul, mediums where dreams and ideas can become a reality where millions can come together to share in the experience. Cinemagic is an award winning festival that embraces the magic of film, television, digital technologies and music, to educate, motivate and inspire young people through film screenings, industry workshops, practical masterclasses, filmmaking projects and outreach activities. Cinemagic has embraced films infinite possibilities by creating a showcase that embodies why we go to movies in the first come together.

This year, collaborating with local high schools and schools abroad, Cinemagic will proudly present an evening of movies, music and memories.

On February 10th the students will record a song by Dean Rossiter called "Colors of the Soul" which will be recorded at Hamilton High School at the start of Cinemagic's Annual Festival.

From the 9th to 20th February 2017 Cinemagic will work with youth from diverse backgrounds, fromLA's Hamilton High School, Jordan School in Watts and Santa Monica's New Road and engage participants from these areas with young people from similar communities in Northern Ireland. Over 11 days they will produce a music video, musical theatre, critique films, participate in industry masterclasses and workshops, participate in bespoke tours to HBO, FOX, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Mattel, Aero Film, United Talent, New York Film Academy, Remote Control Studios, Variety Magazine. The young people from different communities will work together, learn how to present together and most importantly develop personal development and employability skills.

The festival activity will incorporate a wide variety of cultural activity by engaging with respected professionals to allow the young people to develop their skills on set. Cinemagic will enable young people to explore different cultures and provide a vehicle to educate and enlighten them as they will be given new opportunities whilst showcasing their work and talents to the film industry.

Cinemagic will run in the heart of the entertainment industry, Los Angeles. The purpose of this festival and at the center of Cinemagic is to provide young individuals, including those from under privileged neighborhoods in LA and abroad the opportunity to teach them about film, music, and entertainment. The opportunity to make films and music are not exclusive to a selective group of few and Cinemagic works passionately to bring these mediums to as many young people as possible.

On February 16, Cinemagic will have a red carpet event and performance that will rival no one. Bringing together over 18 different schools, students will come together for this extraordinary night- the Annual Cinemagic Gala in LA where "Colors of the Soul" will be performed live to an audience of Celebrities Film & Music Industry Executives and VIPs, along with the screening of Cinemagic's short film "Chancer" written by Maire Campbell and starring Diarmuid Noyes, who will both be in attendance. The film was made in Northern Ireland just last autumn, by young filmmakers from Northern Ireland and Los Angeles with support from Creative Skillset and Panavision in Northern Ireland. It tells the story of Ryan- off the rails and in and out of prison his endless promises to change, fall on deaf ears. As his family turn its back on him, his life plummets to rock bottom. Only he can find the strength to change. But does a born 'chancer' deserve another chance?

Join the festival for an unforgettable season to celebrate the achievements and talent of young people enabled by this innovative initiative.

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