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If Your SMMUSD Kids Have Norovirus, Please Keep Them Home, Says District

"Please, if your student has been sick with the norovirus symptoms, please keep him or her home for 48 hours after all symptoms are gone,"

The Santa Monica Unified School District says it's hopeful they're past Norovirus. The school has sent home a letter to parents saying what measure's it's taken to get past the outbreak of the contagious gastro-intestinal illness. Students are on a two week Spring Break, which ends on Monday, April 17th. And the schools want you to keep your kids home if they're sick.

"As you are aware, all schools in our district battled a norovirus outbreak prior to spring break that started in early March. Overall, hundreds of students and staff suffered from this very uncomfortable illness," writes the school in a press release dated April 15th.

"We are hopeful that the two-week break eradicated this highly contagious gastrointestinal illness from our community as we enter into a prevention mode going forward.

"The best ongoing prevention of resurgence is to keep sick kids home for 48 hours after the symptoms are over. Continued frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing throughout the school day will also help prevent the spread of all illnesses, including norovirus."

"We are hopeful that the Norovirus illness has run its course at our schools following two weeks of spring break, plus terminal cleaning.

We are in a preventative mode now and want this message to be very clear to our parents and staff. While our Malibu schools had resumed activities a few weeks back, and a few Santa Monica schools as well, we did have new cases at multiple schools right up to spring break that started on April 1. Upon return, all schools can resume full activities and events," says SMMUSD Spokesman Gail Pinsker.

Pinsker asked the media to help get the word out.

The press release continues: "Please, if your student has been sick with the norovirus symptoms, please keep him or her home for 48 hours after all symptoms are gone.

In addition, we have terminally cleaned every campus over break, following Los Angeles County Department of Public Health protocols by cleaning high-contact surfaces throughout classrooms, offices, common areas and restrooms.

If your student is absent following spring break, please report the absence to your school office and let staff know if it was due to gastrointestinal illness as described here:

All activity restrictions have been lifted upon return from break at all schools, and we would like that to continue for the remainder of the school year."


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