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One Year Later: Ghost of Prince Rogers Nelson Haunts Paisley Park Studio

As ghostly purple light baths Minneapolis monuments, some hear more than music in Paisley Park


April 23, 2017

Prince haunts the hallways of Paisley Park home and recording studio in Minneapolis.

4/22/2017: A year has passed since the Purple One died. In Minneapolis tonight, public buildings and concert halls are bathed in ghostly purple light in his honor. Singer Prince Rogers Nelson's Paisley Park home and recording studio is open to the public now. But the public is not the only ones roaming the halls, we are informed by his staff.

Prince was always a little, err, edgy. Never creepy, of course not . But is it possible that Prince decided to, in the words of another famous dead rocker, break on through from the other side?

People who've seen it get a strange sense the singer knew it was about to open, and prepared Prince's paisley palace to be opened to the public. "Even his little red corvette is still there," mused one reporter, from ET Online. "He had a vision, and he finished it."

Prince's Sexually ambiguous symbol was very visible in the foyer as one entered.

A bedroom is bathed in purple light. Prince would have loved it. He expressed several times to his sister his desire to invite the public into the building after his death, which of course occurred much earlier than anyone expected. The singer was only 56 when he died on April 21, 2016, in an elevator at the Paisley Park studio which doubled as his residence.

In life, Prince had many fans and no doubt deserved many more. But to be honest many people found something creepy about the diminutive singer when he was alive. Since his death, staff have whispered that the singers spirit still inhabits Paisley Park. There have been late night sightings and unexplainable noises.

Sometimes, staff and visitors swear they can hear someone singing the following words, as if through the wind:

Dearly beloved, We are gathered here today To get through this thing called life. Electric word life. It means forever and that's a mighty long time

But I'm here to tell you, There's something else. The afterworld! A world of never ending happiness You can always see the sun, day or night

And after all, what did The Artist mean when he wrote these immortal words? Was it some sort of prediction or precognition?

Where else would Prince, the dreamer of so many dreams, want to haunt?

The studio was designed by architecture firm BOTO Design Inc, of Santa Monica, and was completed in 1988. It contains two live music venues used as rehearsal spaces.

After the Paisley Park record label folded in 1994, Prince continued to live and record at Paisley Park Studios. Prince's intention before his death was to establish Paisley Park as a public venue. Elvis Presley's former home, Graceland, is a major Tennessee tourist attraction. On August 24, 2016, it was announced that Paisley Park would be turned into a museum open to the public.

Tours of the Paisley Park Museum are set to start next month, local zoning willing. And local authorities will probably go along with it, since the studio will be a major draw for it's rural/suburban Chanhassen, MN surroundings. Graceland Holdings, the company that has managed Elvis Presley's Graceland since 1982, is set to organize the tours of Paisley Park.

Prince was always a little edgy, if not creepy. Is he trying to break on through from the other side?

People who've seen it get a strange sense the singer knew it was about to open, and prepared himself for the after world .

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