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By Christine Peake
Observer Staff Writer 

Montana Avenue Sidewalk Sale Welcomes Masses Of Shoppers In The Santa Monica Sunshine


Sheryl Aronson

Publicist Christine Peake, MAMA chairman Ryan Ole Hass, Producer Cindy Cowen, Patti & Josh Wedlock

Not even the 81 degree heat could stop shoppers from enjoying the Annual Montana Avenue Sidewalk Sale on Saturday.

The Avenue was packed with families snapping up great bargains and gifts from their favorite stores and designers.

Families enjoyed ice cream treats, complimentary drinks, deserts, sushi rolls and even doggy treats were on hand as the shoppers browsed to the sound of the Montana Avenue drum circle.

Freebird ride App were also on hand to support by providing shoppers with a free ride to their favorite store.

"This was such a great day for our locals, tourists and shoppers, "said Montana Ave Chairman Ryan Ole Hass. "We look forward to this every year, it isn't just a day for shopping, it is a family experience for all to enjoy!"

For more information on Montana Avenue and upcoming events, please go to:

Sheryl Aronson

Actress Erin Gavin, celeb trainer Charlene Ciardiello, playmate Rosie Tenison and Producer Cindy Cowan at R + D.

Montana Avenue is home to two elementary schools, a public library, and a mile of about a hundred and fifty upscale stores, banks, real estate offices and restaurants. There are three Starbucks (one inside Pavilions) two of which are located between 7th St. and 9th St., and one Peet's Coffee and Tea among several independently owned cafes and coffee shops, including Caffe Luxxe and Primo Passo Coffee Company. The businesses on this street are generally boutiques with two national markets.

Montana Avenue is also honored with the 1939 landmark Aero Theater, built by Donald Douglas Company as a continuous around-the-clock movie theater. This is now a repertory theater operated by The American Cinematheque.

Every December and June the Montana Avenue Association hosts a neighborhood wide sale and festival where stores give holiday discounts, give free samples of food, or have clearance sales to make room for a new season of clothing. Montana Avenue is served by the 3M line of the Big Blue Bus.


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