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By Preity Upala
Observer Staff Writer 

Interview with a Hairstylist: Beautyworld MiddleEast in Dubai, 2017

Preity Upala sits down to chat with Hollywood based Celebrity Hairstylist Guy tang at the recent Beautyworld MiddleEast in Dubai.


Guy Tang

Preity: Namaste Guy! So lovely to meet you!. I just overheard your prior interview. You believe in Destiny and in Fate? You mentioned you don't follow any set path in your life and intuitively follow the divine flow? Did you ever think you would be here in Dubai of all places?

Guy: I feel that in life so many people plan so much but you don't know where life takes you. You plan to go in this direction but something happens which will move you to another one, so I don't plan anything. I just let things happen. And thus, whatever I do, I do it with integrity and that's what matters the most.

I try to be who I am and by being true to what I am. Life is too short. For me, it took a long time to find myself and I'm in my 30's now. I just stopped caring what people think of me or what they want me to do. You just want to do what feels right for you and make the right decision.

I launched Mydentity Color line- for me the most important thing is the name. The name is My identity. It's about who you are. Your identity and being proud of it. And not be controlled by media or Hollywood. All these illusions that make you believe that you need to be a certain way.

Preity: So your happy with the way that life has taken you and brought you to your destination thus far?

Guy: Yeah! I think we should always be grateful. I feel like we are always complaining these days. We complain about what we don't have versus being grateful for what we do have. Gratitude. That's how I feel about it.

Preity: So first time in Dubai? What are your first impressions and what you feel?

Guy: Well the first thing I thought about Dubai was, it's hot! And I heard this is not even summer yet and its not that hot. Its pretty hot for me!

Preity: I was actually born here in Dubai and grew up here many moons ago but I now live in Beverly Hills.

Guy: So youre right next to me! I'm in West Hollywood. ;) Dubai is very hot, but its very nice and its part of the experience. I like it; I don't think you should always be comfortable. I like LA because it's comfortable on the one hand, but it also pushes you to be better. You need that challenge because everytime something pushes you, you discover something about yourself. You need the experience of a challenge to grow. So for me, being in Dubai, I'm growing!

Preity: what kind of experiences have you had so far with the event, the people, the place, and the food?

Guy: Oh my god! I love the malls here. The Dubai Mall- it's huge. I'm staying a couple of days after the show and want to really enjoy the city. It will be a good experience for me and my team as well.

Preity: So you will be back to Dubai?

Guy: Yes, I would love to come back and hopefully I will have Mydentity Colour line here. I'm so excited.

Preity: You are an international influencer on social media. How does it feel to you coming here and realizing you are touching the lives of so many young people digitally that have never met you?

Guy: I have a very close relationship with a bunch of them online. It's so cool. But the thing they don't realize is how much they inspire me sometimes. They impact me because they are present. Sometimes I have a rough day and going online talking to them cheers me up. Having an online community can be very cool and supportive. They lift me up and I learn a lot from them as well. I don't see myself as a teacher. I dont like the word teaching, I like the word sharing.

Preity: How is the beauty industry in the Middle East different from the USA in your opinion?

Guy: I would not look at the differences but at what we have in common right now. We are all human, we all share the same passion with the beauty industry and we all love hair.

Preity: True. But what's unique about this market?

Guy: The different cultures definitely, but I love it. It's an experience and that's what makes it so much fun a memorable. When I go back home, I will cherish all the memories I have created here.

Preity: Any tips for upcoming Middle Eastern hairdressers?

Guy: Be yourself. Be patient, take your time. Have a great consultation with your client. Get to know them. We are always rushing them and we need to be more mindful. There is a celebrity hairdresser who once made a rude comment about me saying "Why would you take so time with clients when you don't make money that way? I do 20 clients a day".

I never focus on the money or turnaround. I never chase money. The most important thing is creating art and doing a good job. And that is your reputation. Everybody who walks in and out of your salon is carrying the crown that you laid on him or her. I am who I am today, because I take my time. And my hair besties say to me, I too can be "successful" because I take my time. When you see success as money that's when you go downhill. Health and happiness is most important thing and let life take you where it needs to take you.

Preity: Dubai is such a growing market in fashion and beauty. How important do you think it is for US brands to have a presence here?

Guy: It is important and would be nice, but not every brand is suitable for this market and climate. The hair types are different so the brand has to be relevant and suitable. Not every hair product is designed for certain hair types. The most important brand that needs to come here is Mydentity!

Preity; And when can we expect that?

Guy: Hopefully very soon.

Preity: Have ever thought of opening your own salon?

Beautyworld MiddleEast in Dubai

Guy: I'm focusing on developing products for hairbesties and stylists rather than being stressed about salon stuff right now in my life.

P: When do you think you will be back?

G: Hopefully soon, this year or next year!

P: Wonderful! Thank you so much for your time. I can't wait to see you back in Hollywood and come into your salon!

G: Thank you kindly once again and I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did!


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