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Power Outage Reported in Woodland Hills, CA and Calabassas

Residents of Woodland Hills and Calabassas lost electricity from about 11 am until noon


File photo of an Edison crew replacing electrical poles in Santa Monica, CA in April 2017

Residents of Woodland Hills and Calabassas reported their electrical power failed just before 11 am Monday, June 26. This as heat rose past 100 degrees, and residents ran their power for air conditioning.

Power was restored a few minutes before noon, some WH residents reported.

The apparent outage was reported to us by residents in the Southern part of Woodland Hills. Affected Zip Codes include 91364 and 91367. Los Angeles DWP reports no outages in the area, and suggested we call Southern California Edison. We are waiting to hear from SCE.

Woodland Hills is a neighborhood bordering the Santa Monica Mountains in the San Fernando Valley region of the city of Los Angeles, California.


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