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Skin of Honey, Stroke of Passion

Frida - Stroke Of Passion' To Open At The Historical Macha Theatre


August 24, 2017

West Hollywood, August 22nd, 2017, Odalys Nanin has once again put her brilliant writing, directorial and acting skills into the much anticipated Macha Theatre production, Frida - Stroke Of Passion. Previews are to be held on Sep 9th with the play commencing through to Oct 1st. (A special red carpet gala is to be held on Sep 15th.)

The plays focuses on the hidden bi-sexual affairs between Frida Kahlo and her long list of famous female lovers. They include Mariachi singer Chavela Vargas, Mexican film star Maria Felix, cabaret singers and dancer Josephine Baker and Tina Modotti who was a famous model and photographer. The play also addresses an in depth look at her relationships with her husband Diego, the ghost of Leon Trotsky and seemingly the mysterious coverup of her suspicious death.

Seasoned playwright Odalys Nanin believes Kahlo committed suicide, although her certificates states pulmonary embolism, Diego concealed her real cause of death.

The play shows a vulnerable unique side of Frida who has since become the most famous female painter of all time, although she suffered from physical ailments, she was a master of disguise and presented herself as a strong healthy virile woman. The play portrays an intriguing indepth look into the last week of her fearless and spirited life. A seducer to the end, she herself said, "the only reason I go on living is to paint and to love."

The multi talented cast includes: Odalys Nanin as Frida Kahlo, Campbell de Silva as Diego Rivera,Marisa Lopez as Chavela Vargas and Maria Felix, Tricia Cruz as Nurse Judith, Daniel Lavid as Judas, Paul Cascante as Leon Trotsky, Marilyn Sanabria as Tina Modottiand Teresa Proenza,Joseph Bixler as Little Diego, Ebony Perry as Josephine Baker

Francisco Medina as Musician & Manolo and the Co-director is Nancy de Los Santos.

About Odalys Nanin:

ODALYS NANIN is an award-winning playwright, director, producer and founder/artistic director of Macha Theatre/Films.

She has written ten plays to date: Love Struck, Garbo's Cuban Lover, The Nun and the Countess, Beyond Love, Skin of Honey, The Adventures of the Lieutenant Nun, Naked in the Tropics, Lavender Love, Marilyn: My Secret, and The Judy Garland Show. She's also a Filmmaker and has written three screenplays and produced two short films. Ms Nanin's plays have garnered LA Weekly Pick of the week, Backstage Critics Pick, LA Times Critic's Choice, Best play by The Advocate and Curve Magazine.

She was chosen by OUT Magazine as one out of 100 that made a difference in 2007. Ms. Nanin is the recipient of three Drama Log theatre awards (for acting, directing, and producing), the Maverick Award (Women's Theatre Festival), and the Pat Parker Arts Award from (Christopher Street West). Ms. Nanin is also an actress and recently co-starred with AJ Cook and Shemar Moore in Criminal Minds.

She's a graduate of The Drama Studio London and Rutgers University. Ms. Nanin was interviewed by CAREER GIRLS as a role model in theatre for young girls.

About Macha Theatre:

The Macha Theater is a beloved historical landmark theater located in West Hollywood.

Built by R. Thad Taylor and preciously known as the Globe Playhouse, it has been a theater for the last 50 years. This remarkable theatre is also where the Shakespeare Society of America was founded. Thad produced the entire Cannons of Shakespeare's plays inside this building casting Odalys Nanin as Jessica in the Merchant of Venice. Sadly on October 18, 2006 Thad Taylor passed away. Odalys Nanin the producing artistic director and founder of Macha Theatre passionately fought and saved it from becoming another parking lot. Ms. Nanin was determined to keep the authenticity of the theatre whilst providing the necessary improvements and beautifully upgraded the theatre gem, which is dear to her heart. She kept the Tudor style and globe set, installed a beautiful bar and an eye catching marquee.

The Macha Theatre was also chosen as the Best 99 Seat Theater in Los Angeles by Broadway World. Legendary film and theatre star Al Pacino was at guest at Ms. Nanin's critically acclaimed play 'Skin Of Honey' and on leaving said, "that play should be a movie, I love it here at the Macha, I wish I could be here every day. "

Ms. Nanin is now leading a tireless and determined campaign once again to save her beloved theatre from being torn down by developers.

"This building has been a theater for the last 50 years. It deserves to become a landmark not another condominium. Please, support live theater, it is not a dying breed it is our only true creative life line." Said Ms Nanin.

To learn more or help support please go to



FRIDA-Stroke of Passion

Sept 9 thru Oct 1

Friday n Sat 8pm

Sun 6pm

Early bird $20 tix by August 31

Purchase tix

Call : 323-960-5770

Macha Theatre

1107 N Kings Road West Hollywood 90069

Media inquiries:

[email protected]

tel: 310 806 5621



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