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Glamifornia Style Lounge.. Malibu's Best Beauty Stop Shop

Glamifornia is a juxtaposition of art, beauty, fashion, and wellness


September 12, 2017

Terah Tidy, the brains and the beauty behind Glamifornia.

At Glamifornia Style Lounge on Coast Highway in Malibu, the customer will find quality and artistic work in hair, makeup, fashion, art, and wellness. This unique business brings a network of creative artists and experts together to make one feel and look good.

Terah Tidy, Owner of Glamifornia commented, "Glamifornia began a couple of years ago when I saw the movement that everyone was loving California Glamour. Glamifornia is a juxtaposition of art, beauty, fashion, and wellness. I began with a concept to make it global about four years ago. The physical location has been around for two years."

Terah continued... "It was to really work with artisans and artists... I saw the trend that it wasn't just beauty, it wasn't just fashion... and wellness being the number one industry... I wanted to merge all of these together. I went to Italy and launched it with a group over there and I came back to Malibu and thought I also need a physical space."

The space ended up being the original Malibu Courthouse where the Sheriff had his office too. There is a jail cell here as well where some famous people have been locked up such as James Dean and Charles Manson. Around this historic building, Terah Tidy created her Style Lounge.

"There are beauty bars everywhere, but the style lounge is the best of the best."

This is what a style lounge is. It's where a client can come and be intimate and exclusive. They can come with their friends and actually lounge around while getting beauty treatments. It's private. It's relaxed. It's in a beautiful, historic space.

"I found that the trend with beauty is to save time and to enjoy ourselves. And we enjoy ourselves when we are getting ready with each other like the old days when girls would put on their makeup in a group and have that special time," Tidy said.

Young girls feel safe here because they can come with their friends and they can ask each other about what they think of their style and find their voice. Women who have had been at the beauty game for years know what they need and can be relaxed with their friends. The beauty artists that work at Glamifornia are chosen very carefully by Terah Tidy. Each day of the week something different goes on at the Glamifornia. It's never the same. You will see Artists from fashion, beauty, wellness and Art work at this place. The artists in the beauty end are micro-blading for eyebrows, eyelashes, spray tan, three or four hairdressers, makeup artists, a special wedding team, and massage people.

They also have artisans that make their own clothing and do special trunk shows, a perfume maker who has done workshops, and different artists will showcase their art. Mondays and Wednesday nights Glamifornia has a yoga guru who teaches. Christine Peake of the Peakprgroup invited me to visit the Style Lounge and do a photo shoot with models Rachel McCord and Yilin. High Tech Automotive Center – North Hollywood contributed a classic 1957 Thunderbird. It was a typical gorgeous sunny day in Malibu. The Pacific Ocean sparkled across Coast Highway.

Terah Tidy is proud to be a resident of Malibu and at the same time operate a successful business here.

"I have lived in Malibu for sixteen years. I raised my children here. I believe we can work and live in the same town. I consider myself a small business owner.

Model Rachel McCord got the Glamifornia beauty treatment before a photo shoot for her book "Slay The Fame Game"

She concluded: "Malibu is where the mountains meet the sea. I never want to leave. I love the nature, the beauty and I love the ocean and the breeze. It's a creative town with a lot of artisans. I want to be world renowned here – and be that someone who lives here, who is grass roots, and make it all work. Malibu supports me and I support Malibu."

To contact Glamifornia:, 21323 Pacific Coast Hwy, #103, Malibu. Tel: 310-456-8459

About the author:

Sheryl Aronson is an award winning entertainment reporter for The Hollywood360 and also has a blog, "Arting Around" in Agenda Magazine. She is a published author of the Memoir, "Passing Myself Down to the Grave," and is in private practice as a Marriage, Family Therapist in Los Angeles and Orange County.


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