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Backhoe at Lincoln Middle School Caused Power Outages to 3600 Santa Monica Customers

1300 block of Montana was closed for the investigation.


September 12, 2017


SM Fire Dept. at Lincoln Middle School

5pm update: Power restored to all 3600 customers, including stores on Montana Avenue. The excavation taking place on the School's athletic field, caused an explosion and an underground surge of power at the vault 3 blocks away on Montana Avenue.

Parents converged at the gate after a robocall went out to all parents. The school does expect to reopen on Tuesday morning, and reports that all power is restored.

Construction worker at Lincoln middle school operating a backhoe cut power lines power outage in Santa Monica. About 1:30 pm. Reports of blown transformer and downed wires emerged. The underground vault explosion occurred around 2 pm PST. An above ground transformer also experienced problems near 14th in Santa Monica.

Police tape prevented people from entering the area. Several fire engines came, though there was no report of a fire.


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