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By Stan Greene
Observer Staff Writer 

For 38 Minutes, Hawaii Residents Thought Bombs were On the Way

"Didn't pot just become legal in Hawaii? Thought so"


January 13, 2018


Shift-change in Hawaii...

Some on Twitter profess that it happened just at the moment when shifts at the National Guard changed. The White House says it was not a Federal drill, but a State drill. The State of Hawaii reports it was a drill that got away.


Text message to Hawaii residents

"Didn't pot just become legal in Hawaii? Thought so" tweeted one person on social media

On Saturday morning. 1.2 million Hawaii residents received a message that said "Balliistic Missile Threat Inbound to Hawaii. Take Shelter. This is not a drill". Given that Kim Jong Eun, the leader of North Korea, has threatened to send missiles over Guam, the threat seemed real enough. Even though the all clear was sounded 38 minutes later, the damage was done.

Some on Twitter seemed happy that the president was golfing at the time. "so now do you realize how dangerous Trump is? if he had seen the first message he would have retaliated and none of us would he here tweeting right now, we'd be ashes," tweeted one woman.


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