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You Could Have More Than Your Heart Stolen on Valentine's Day

Bogus Delivery Scam, the victim gets a phone call from a "shipping company" to schedule a delivery


February 13, 2018

Unexpected Packages Could Surprise Your Wallet

An unexpected gift on Valentine's Day might seem like a nice way to your heart, but these deliveries may also give scammers a direct route to your credit card.

In the Bogus Delivery Scam, the victim gets a phone call from a "shipping company" to schedule a delivery. The scammer, sometimes dressed in uniform, arrives at the victim's house with the package.

If asked who sent it, the scammer says he or she doesn't know or that the sender's card will be shipped separately. The scammer then says the recipient must pay a small delivery fee.

The con artist insists payment can be made only via a credit card, giving the victim the impression that the transaction is legitimate. The credit card gets swiped on a mobile machine and a receipt is printed.

While the victim may have received a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a fine bottle of wine, the thief more likely will get the bigger gift: A shopping spree with the victim's credit card number.

TIPS: Never accept a package if you don't know who the sender is.

Do not give out credit or debit card information unless you have initiated the transaction.

Be suspicious of packages from unrecognized delivery services. Deputy District Attorney Mark Forer explains how the scam works in this video:


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