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Paper Cut: Kinko's Folding on Sixth and Wilshire; Mixed Use 4 Story Project Featuring $900 Hotel Rooms

No more late night term projects for residents


Paper Cut: Kinko's Folding for good

What's open 24 hours, copies, scans and faxes, and will be gone by the end of the year?

The Kinko's building at 6th and Wilshire Blvd has a sign on it indicating that it will be replaced by yet another luxury hotel development by year's end. It's been converted into a FedEx since 2014.

The sign describes it as a 4 story, mixed use project, but that probably means empty boutique stores on the bottom floor and $895 a night hotel rooms above. Because, you know, we need more of that.

We predict that no one will miss the too small parking lot, however.

Down the street, Denny's at Lincoln and Colorado closed for the last time on Sunday, 2/25/18. Longtime residents bemoaned the loss of the last greasy spoon with it's own parking lot. Mel's Diner down the street will soon occupy the old Penguin building, which more recently was a dentist's office. It's unclear when they'll open or whether the parking lot will remain.

Mel's diner will be located at Olympic Blvd and Lincoln.

Kinko's offers shipping, printing, copying, and binding services. Unlike its main competitor, The UPS Store which is franchised, all FedEx Office stores are corporate-owned.

Paul Orfalea, whose nickname was "Kinko" because of his curly hair, founded the company as Kinko's in 1970. Its first copy shop, which Orfalea opened with a sidewalk copy machine, was in the college community of Isla Vista next to the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara. He left the company in 2000, following a dispute with the investment firm Clayton, Dubilier & Rice ("CDR"), to which he had sold a large stake in the company three years earlier.


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