Jumper at the SAG AFTRA Building in Mid Wilshire, leads to conflicting stories of outcome

Parking lot at 5757 Wilshire Blvd., Taped off due to thread


Update: At least one person claiming to be a witness wrote us to say: Your article about a man being talked down off a building ledge on Wiltshire Blvd is incorrect. The police were unable to talk him down and the man did jump off the building and was severly injured and was being attended to by fire and rescue.

Three fire engines, an ambulance and 10 or so Los Angeles police department officers responded to the SAG-AFTRA building at 5757 Wilshire Blvd. early Wednesday afternoon. While the police officers would not speak to the press, three building maintenance officer is confirmed that a man had threatened to jump off the top of the building. Police tape prevented cars from entering or exiting the parking lot for about one hour while the drama played out.


Reader Comments(7)

sag writes:

You have an article regarding a man who jumped from the SAG AFTRA building. I cannot begin to express to you how inaccurate this article is in addition to it's uncouth tone. THIS MAN COMMITTED SUICIDE and your writer thought it was wise to place an ill-suited joke about the man being talked down from the ledge to go on an audition. It might be wise to hire a journalist who actually possesses an English degree, or maybe even an elementary school education which this person clearly is lacking. What kind of publication are you? My god.

LAlady writes:

This article is not only inaccurate but disgusting. The man jumped from 3 stories up and contrary to your callous and uncouth comment, did not attend an audition; the man was later announced dead. I don't know where the Santa Monica observer is finding their writers but it may be a good idea to have a journalist who possess an English degree, or possibly a 5th grad education (which is apparently something the author of this article does not have). Practice some empathy you pathetic excuse for a human being.

ThatGuy writes:

Yeah I was there..... I cant believe how wrong this article is... Lets get things straight.. There were fire engines and ambulances there yes. but they never even made it to where the guy was at until after he jumped, and that was almost an hour after they showed up. They were stopped at the parking barrier arm, trying to get into the parking lot. For whatever reason, they just didn't even seem to try to hustle and get there with the inflatable. And YES he absolutely did jump, the sound of the crunching thud his body made when it hit the ground will never leave my memory... There was a small puddle of blood where he landed, and he was twitching, I wouldn't say he was actually moving around. The only reason he wouldn't be dead is because the building security guard tried to catch him, but rather then being crushed by the falling man, he reached out and broke the fall somewhat. That's when the emergency crew finally arrived and carted him off. Please update your article. Thanks.

SAGAFTRAemployd writes:

Two errors in this article: Not only did he indeed jump (actually he fell deliberately) and was moving on both the ground and the gurney, but the SAG-AFTRA building at 5757 Wilshire is in Miracle Mile, not Koreatown. Koreatown begins nearly three miles east of it, at Western.

Joan writes:

I was there. He did jump, but his fall was only about 20 feet. I left before the scene was clear, but I saw him on a stretcher, moving his feet.

Horrible writes:

I’m disgusted by your article. This was a tragic event. They don’t know if this man is going to survive. It was horrifying. He jumped and the firefighters had to see if he was going to make it. Have heard that it wasn’t certain whether he was going to make it or not. I walked back to my car as he started to jump, so I couldn’t see it. His Birthday was March 25. The head of security talked to him for at least 5 to 10 minutes, trying to make him rethink his situation. It was tragic!

Daved writes:

I heard, from a man that was there, that the guy actually jumped. Somebody needs to get their story straight.


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