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By Stan Greene
Observer Staff Writer 

Tesla Applies for Permit to Build Charging Station Restaurant on Santa Monica Blvd

Elon Musk's Company Files to replace the Volvo Dealership with a Charging Station and Restaurant


March 15, 2018

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Elon Musk envisions a Tesla charging station with an old style burger drive in restaurant. Face it, the dude is good and creating the future.

Tesla is reportedly planning on building a charging station and drive in restaurant. One such restaurant has already been built near Kettleman City, about 180 miles up the 5 freeway.

Where else would you build a drive through hangout for millionaire Tesla drivers? You guessed it, Santa Monica.

The old Volvo dealership on Santa Monica Blvd and 15th Street will be transformed into "be turned into an old school themed drive-in restaurant, complete with roller skates (like what you'd see at a Sonic) and rock 'n' roll," says Drive magazine. The story continues:

Apparently, Musk wasn't kidding. A new application popped up on the City of Santa Monica's ePermits site, specifically for a "Tesla restaurant and supercharger station," indicating that Musk and co will soon make the next happening spot in Los Angeles. The permit, which can be seen below, is currently in the pre-submittal phase, which means that it will need to be reviewed by representatives of the city (assuming it classifies as a "complex" project), and may be reviewed as early as March 22, according to the city's planning guide.

While it can take 6 hours to fully charge an electric car, as time goes by the technology improves. One day soon, it may be possible to charge a car in about as much time as it takes to eat a hamburger coke and a fries.


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