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From This, You Make a Living? Jumpstart Hollywood Seminars Starring Judi Levine

First of these seminars will be held Saturday June 2, 2018 in Santa Monica


Oscar-winner Helen Hunt, Judi Levine, writer/director Ben Lewin, and Oscar nominee John Hawkes, on the red carpet at the London Film Festival 2012

Local resident Producer Judi Levine has been in LA for almost 25 years and has experienced first-hand the challenges of maintaining a career in the Hollywood entertainment business.

After watching too many people struggle with the unexpected and make the same mistakes time and again, Judi developed the JumpStart Hollywood seminars to help newcomers navigate and adapt, both culturally and in business.

Since bringing her seminars to Australia and presenting at events in LA, Judi is now offering her vast knowledge in a one-day, intimate round-table setting, giving artists an opportunity to get a wealth of advice, and to hear from other successful filmmakers and industry professionals.


Judi Levine

The first of these seminars will be held on Saturday June 2, 2018. For more information, go to

"Personally, I find giving these seminars very rewarding," says Levine. "We came to LA for the proverbial promise of fame and fortune, and streets paved with gold. Little did we know how hard that journey would be."

"We've had great highs, in particular with the success of our film The Sessions for which Helen Hunt received an Oscar nomination, and long stretches of challenging times when we've had to find creative ways of managing financially. Sharing these experiences and giving people the benefit of our hard-earned knowledge feels like the right thing to do, especially in an industry where people are competitive and fearful of giving away valuable information," she says.


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