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SMPD Arrests Suspect in Curated Jewelry Store on Montana Avenue last February.

Suspect Robert Abalov Claimed he had a "bomb"

He said he had a bomb, then split with nothing, and now he'll do time.

The SMPD says it has arrested a suspect in the robbery of a jewelry store on Montana Avenue on February 28, 2018.

Robert Art Abalov, 32, was found and arrested Tuesday in West LA, just over three months after he allegedly robbed Curated Los Angeles at 1603 Montana Ave. carrying a fake bomb.

After Abalov left the store without any merchandise in the Feb. 28 incident, he got into his SUV and fled, crashing into several parked cars along the 300 block of 15th Street in the process, officers said. The SMPD said that one vehicle he struck had an occupant, who was injured.

Abalov then allegedly got out of his SUV and ran into the neighborhood, leaving the device he had threatened one of the jewelry store employees with by the car.

Residents were ordered to stay indoors as officers spent hours searching the area between 14th and 16th streets, and San Vicente Boulevard and Margarita Avenue.

Witnesses reported seeing a man jumping fences and traversing their yards, but police found no suspects that night. Police recovered the suspicious package and determined it was not, in fact, a deadly explosive.

Police have not said how they found Abalov. He was arrested on a warrant for charges of criminal threats malicious possession of a false bomb with the intent to cause fear, false imprisonment, hit and run collision causing injury and grand theft.

He was taken into custody Tuesday night. His bond was set at $170,000.

In 2010, Abalov robbed a Burberry store in Beverly Hills with 2 accomplices.


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