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Fire Sale: Santa Monica Hotels fill with Malibu and Calabasas Refugees

No more room at the inn as mandatory evacuations empty for cities

Streets in Santa Monica were filled with refugees from Malibu and communities immediately north which were affected by the Woolsey and West Hills fires.

The fires could be seen reflecting off the water of Santa Monica Bay. At Shutters hotel, the manager told us the hotel was completely booked.

"We had sooo soo many families from Malibu! We had to accommodate them in others hotels. Every hotel was packed," she said.

Two fire related deaths were reported in Malibu. 35,000 acres have burned. The homes of celebrities such as Charlie Sheen and Kaitlyn Jenner our among the hundreds of structures lost.

Large animals were brought to Palisades high school and also to the various beaches including impalas, cheetahs and a giraffe.

Saturday morning 9 AM : SM Alert - All Santa Monica on/off-ramps to the 10 Freeway are now open. South/northbound traffic on the 10 Freeway is open. Pacific Coast Highway is open until Sunset Blvd. There is a hard closure at Sunset Blvd. Please stay tuned to local news and social media for Woolsey Fire incident updates.


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