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Letters: Landlords will use City Council Re-districting Lawsuit to End Rent Control

Districting Is a Threat to Rent Control, Writes Longtime Santa Monica Renter

In covering the districting issue, you may perhaps not understand why some of us long time SM renters fear this issue as an existential threat to our very lives. No exaggeration.

We see districting as a scheme being used by landlords who have been trying to undermine rent control for 40 years. We fear that new, districted city council would include real estate interests intent on eliminating rent control.

In my case, I am a very low-income, disabled senior citizen who has lived in 6 of the 7 proposed districts, who could not afford to continue living in SM without rent control protections - just as property owners have Prop. 13 tax protections.

Over the years, I've worked for SM schools, SM taxi companies and SM newspapers. I've been active with SM political groups, neighborhood councils and civic organizations. I don't want to be forced onto the streets. I fear that would happen with districting.

From: Rufus Baker, SM resident/renter since 1959


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