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  • City Should Continue to fund parks and recreation fields during these extraordinary times

    Letter to the Editor, Mei Lisa Thompson|May 25, 2020

    We hope that the Santa Monica City Council will vote to continue to fund parks and recreation fields during these extraordinary times. Specifically we hope that access to Clover Park, Memorial Park, Marine Park, JAMS, Lincoln MS and Airport Park will continue. There are basically just two all-girl sports in Santa Monica, softball and soccer. Many girls play all-year round. We feel it is a shame that the City government doesn't understand what you are taking away from these 8-14 girls when they...

  • Protect Our Public Spaces From Roundup By Supporting the City Wide Ban on its Use.

    Letter to the Editor, Alec Zeluff-Grant|Nov 11, 2019

    There have been 32,000 more individuals that have stated Roundup has caused their cancer since the LA County Board of supervisors banned the use of any glyphosate-type weed killer on county property. The presence of RoundUp is alarming- In the United States alone, 26 million pounds of Roundup are sprayed every year on public spaces. As discussed in your article, even after this shy step toward protecting public health, there are reports of RoundUp still being sprayed on public parks and areas...

  • Letters: Landlords will use City Council Re-districting Lawsuit to End Rent Control

    Letter to the Editor|Jan 19, 2019

    In covering the districting issue, you may perhaps not understand why some of us long time SM renters fear this issue as an existential threat to our very lives. No exaggeration. We see districting as a scheme being used by landlords who have been trying to undermine rent control for 40 years. We fear that new, districted city council would include real estate interests intent on eliminating rent control. In my case, I am a very low-income, disabled senior citizen who has lived in 6 of the 7...

  • Some Believe The Pier Concert Series Has Grown Too Big for Santa Monica

    Letter to the Editor|Jun 26, 2017

    Editor's Note: So many people attended the pier Concert last Thursday 6/22/17, that the Santa Monica Police Department tweeted for people to "avoid the area around the Santa Monica Pier." On social media, some are wondering if we should continue with the pier concert series. After all, the 4th of July fireworks display used to take place near the pier, and that was cancelled after too many people produced too much violence. Santa Monica Police Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks has called the series...