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Protect Our Public Spaces From Roundup By Supporting the City Wide Ban on its Use.

It is a vital to contact your city council members and voice your support for the ban on Roundup

There have been 32,000 more individuals that have stated Roundup has caused their cancer since the LA County Board of supervisors banned the use of any glyphosate-type weed killer on county property.

The presence of RoundUp is alarming- In the United States alone, 26 million pounds of Roundup are sprayed every year on public spaces. As discussed in your article, even after this shy step toward protecting public health, there are reports of RoundUp still being sprayed on public parks and areas where children play.

What is also troubling to me is the problems it will cause after RoundUp and glyphosate washes off into the sewer and into our marine ecosystems.

It has taken 7 months for Los Angeles City council members to vote for a complete ban of RoundUp in Los Angeles. The bill is currently in the review process, and it is a vital time to show our support of this ban.

This is a direct public health issue for our community, and it will protect our most vulnerable individuals. Therefore we must urge LA City Council member Mike Bonin who represents the Santa Monica area to support and push for this legislation to be passed.


Alec Zeluff-Grant



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