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Cannes, France- May 20th, 2019-

For the most glamorous film festival in the world, the Cannes International Film festival, DPA was the host of a celebrity-gifting suite. This year the premiere Media company set out to treat the stars to an array of exciting and cutting edge brands and products. Held in the legendary Intercontinental Hotel, Cannes a watering hole for many a star, dubbed as "Palace of the stars", the Cannes Gifting Suite was attended by number of celebrities and PR influencers.

This year's DPA suite was about wellness and the new hot thing was The American Haas Wellness Center in partnership with Cutera bringing to Cannes the TruSculpt® iD and Laser Genesis® Aesthetic Treatments. This Non-invasive body shaping is the #1 non-surgical treatment that patients are seeking in aesthetics. And Laser Genesis® is the go-to skin rejuvenation treatment many celebrities seek before walking the red carpet, giving them a new, radiant complexion

Launched in 2018, TruSculpt® iD is a novel technology in body contouring. It's clinically proven to permanently eliminate fat cells in stubborn areas around the abdomen and decrease circumference in the flanks. The treatment is done in as little as one 15-minute treatment. TruSculpt® iD works in areas of the body that have been resistant to diet and exercise.

Travel is always an element in a DPA Gifting lounge and this year DPA did not disappoint. Just some of the amazing trips for guests included a stay at The Relais and Chateaux's Le Taha'a Island Resort and Spa, in French Polynesia, 5 minutes away from Bora Bora. Soori Bali, a leading resort in Bali will pamper guests in its all villas and black sand beach gorgeous resort. The website and magazine Beau Monde traveler will add to fun, inviting stars to 25 of its destinations, such as Thailand, Tuscany, Cyprus and South Africa.

One of the highlights of the suite will be French startup Fazup, specialized in amazing anti wave patches, for cellular phones. Fazup reduces the waves of 99%. They will be gifting boxes with their patches to every DPA guest.

Of course, DPA has always some prestigious Japanese clients, since the opening of DPA Japan, two years ago. This year Japanese brand Keiichiro, showcased their amazing and luxurious leather accessories, and one of a kind handbags.

Jewelry won't be left out with By Zia: For more than ten years now, the brand has been offering trendy and desirable jewels every season that appeal to chic, elegant women who love the spirit of the times.

Beautiful prints, art deco motifs, stylized leaves, delicate chains, all gilded with fine gold and associated with meticulously chosen pearls, this is the brand of stylish and trendy jewelry. Guests were gifted with a beautiful chic and light piece.

An exciting brand present this year was Cavipur. It introduced the first ever caviar supplement to the natural wellness market- Crave Free. Crave Free is an encapsulated health supplement containing just one ingredient: Caviar. Due to its life-generating capabilities, caviar is arguably the most energetically potent and balanced superfood on the planet.

Sheer Necessity is a beauty brand that provide an all-natural with essential oils coffee scrub that will make you feel like you just drank a cup of coffee each morning in your shower! DPA is especially keen on the Luxury Spiritual which will make magical potions, mixing precious stones, energies and of course its secret ingredient Oud!Also present were products like recovery balms as well as hemp infused bath soaks with CBD oil from Native Humboldt Botanicals from the brand Emerald Triangle.

DPA is unique to other gifting suites because of its penchant for supporting fair trade, eco-friendly and innovative young companies. This year at Cannes, DPA will be supporting fair trade, eco-friendly and innovative young company. The Krama Heritage supports ONG Pour un Sourire d Enfant, as well as giving jobs to 50 Cambodians, who work in very controlled and good conditions. The Kramas are a delicate multiuse Cambodian scarf, and stars will have a total choice of different colors.

This DPA gifting lounge 2019 will also feature Lothantique, Maison Manival and LDM (amazing gluten free macarons), Acqualicious, the Good Gin (very healthy botanical Gin from Austria), Animal essentials, Dogeared, Scentered, Charleston and Harlow, and Champagne domaine de Nuisement.

"The DPA Cannes gift lounge will strike again on the Croisette of the Cannes film festival as guests will be gifted amazing and luxurious international products" said event producer Nathalie Dubois. The Cannes gift suite 2019 will be one of the premiere retreats at the Cannes film festival

and welcomed many a-list celebrities or jury members present at the Cannes film festival this year.

DPA was the first company to ever establish a "gift lounge" "suite cadeaux" or gift suite" on the Croisette, and is today the ONLY marketing company to have established official partnerships with the biggest film or TV festivals worldwide and every year, it continues to amaze its stars and medias guests.

DPA, a leader in celebrity gifting was founded by Nathalie Dubois- Sissoko, whose vision was to show her genuine appreciation to well deserved TV and Film artists who have inspired and uplifted audiences through their work by gifting them with some of America's most exciting products.

The Founder Nathalie stresses that attributes her success to having access to unique and global exotic products and services at her Gifting events. "Celebrities want what's new and exciting – they want something different! Different is what they get at the DPA suites, as Nathalie originally from France, handpick products from all corners of the globe. She also wants the DPA suite to act as a platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses in the country that are looking for a great opportunity to get their products in the hands of image makers and social influencers within the entertainment industry. This is what makes DPA stand out amongst the very many gifting suites.


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