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Apple Replaces its Iconic Music-focused iTunes Software on its Desktop and Laptop Computers

Apple splits iconic iTunes software, unveils iPhone privacy update

Los Angeles (dpa) - Technology giant Apple is replacing its iconic music-focused iTunes software on its desktop and laptop computers, the company announced on Monday, along with unveiling a number privacy updates.

During its annual developers' conference Apple said it is breaking up iTunes functions into three apps: Apple Podcasts, Apple Music and Apple TV.

The change mirrors how iTunes is already displayed on iPhones and iPads.

The update will come with Apple's new operating system, called Catalina, available in the autumn.

Apple's announcement comes as the company is facing some of its biggest challenges in decades as iPhone sales continue to drop, mainly due to the weak market in China.

The announcement by US lawmakers on Monday of an antitrust review into major tech companies will also pose a challenge to the technology powerhouse, which has been accused of stifling competition through its app store.

Apple's signature iTunes app revolutionized personal music in the early and mid-2000s but the app has long faced criticism for being bloated and failing to keep pace with the invention of podcasts and the switch to online streaming instead of downloading music.

The company also unveiled new privacy features for its iPhone and other devices that will debut on the 13th version of the iPhone operating system, known as iOS 13.

Among the features is providing users with more control over how and when applications access their locations.

Another feature called "Sign in with Apple" allows users to sign into apps and websites without using their personal email address.

Apple CEO Tim Cook refuted allegations that his company is pitting itself against other tech giants by focusing on user privacy.

"You know we're not really taking a shot at anybody," Cook said in an interview with US broadcaster CBS on Monday. "We're moving privacy protections forward."

The new iOS system for iPhone will also come with "Dark Mode" - putting white text on a black background - giving a more eye-friendly screen in low-light environments

The company also unveiled its latest Mac Pro computer, a 5,999-dollar tower encased in aluminium and steel, and an app store specifically for the Apple Watch.


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