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Traditional Chinese Medicine Offers Solutions for Allergies: Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

Herbal remedies have been used safely and effectively for thousands of years. They are beneficial to people of all ages.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, (TCM) is a 5,000 year-old approach to healing that is composed of support systems that help the body’s vital energy flow properly. Traditional Chinese medicine is based on the understanding that the body is composed of two basic kinds of energy: electrical and chemical.

Acupuncture: What is acupuncture? And how does acupuncture work?

    ◦    Acupuncture helps to open up blocked energy channels in the body to restore homeostasis in maintaining healthy energy flow.

    ◦    There is a saying in traditional Chinese medicine, “if there is a blockage, pain will result.” Pain and illness is therefore a resulted of blocked energy flow, along specific channels.

    ◦    Since acupuncture’s inception in the west, the worlds largest health organizations have conducted clinical trials to discover the secrets of ancient medical practices. In fact, the world health organizations have recognized acupuncture to be effective in treating over 100 conditions.

Acupuncture increases blood flow and stimulates the healing process.

    ◦    Acupuncture increases blood circulation and promotes the exchange of waste products and nutrients into and out of cells and local tissue. Placing needles in a specific area in the body, creates a release of histamine resulting in increased blood flow. Through this, acupuncture works as a healing process.

    ◦    Our bodies are in a constant state of rebuilding and repairing, acupuncture simply make this process more efficient.

Acupuncture reduces stress and it also affects the nervous system.

    ◦    From a systemic point of view, acupuncture has very powerful anti-inflammatory and modulatory effects on the various systems within the body, which include the nervous, immune, endocrine, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal systems.

    ◦    It is remarkable to think that the systems coordinate with one another each and every day.  

    ◦    A number of studies have shown that acupuncture directly affects the  nervous systems function and is therefore effective in treating a variety of conditions such as epilepsy, and Cardiovascular disorders.

    ◦    When an individual is stressed, your sympathetic nervous system turns on, getting you ready for a fight or flight mode. Your heart rate increases, pupils dilate, your adrenal glands release adrenaline, cholesterol and  the blood gets tucked  away from your digestive and reproductive organs and prepare one for battle.

    ◦    Many people operate in a chronic dominant fight or flight mode. They forget to be present in the moment.

    ◦    Many people are too caught up worrying about the future or just stressing over past events. Long-term stress can cause health problems including, increased risk for infections, colds, cardiovascular disease, immune disease, inflammation, and mental health. Related issues such as a insomnia, depression, anxiety, and gastrointestinal problems such as indigestion, diarrhea, constipation or IBS like symptoms and also caused by stress. The good news is that acupuncture can help counter the affects of stress, resulting in less Inflammation, a reduction of symptoms and discomfort.

    ◦    How does Acupuncture relieve pain?

    ◦    Acupuncture relieves pain by stimulating the release of natural pain killers. When a person is injured, pain signals travel in the spinal cord to the midbrain, where enkephalins are realised.

    ◦    Enkephalins is a type of indoor fan that the body has as a natural painkiller and is more than six times stronger than morphine. When someone is in chronic pain, however, the strength of the pain signals to the brain becomes weekend, and enkephalins can no longer be released.

    ◦    Acupuncture serves as a stimulant reboot propioceptive nerve pathway. The sensation that the needles creates helps to jump the Nero threshold and stimulates the midbrain to release enkephalins. After a few hours, the signal strength will diminish.

    ◦    Repeated acupuncture will continue to jump the neural threshold into the body until the body is able to remember and establish the normal threshold to signal pain. The result of chronic pain is eliminated.

    ◦    How does acupuncture improve mood? Acupuncture has a beneficial effect on our transmitters which  involve our mood regulation such as serotonin, adrenaline, and dopamine. Low levels of serotonin create sugar cravings, anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorders, PTSD, and addictions. This is why acupuncture is so effective in treating weight loss, mood disorder’s, and addictions of any kind. It’s the reason why people always feel so great after a treatment.

    ◦    How does Acupuncture affect weight loss?

    ◦    The hypothalamus theory proposed by Dr. Oz, states acupuncture has an effect on obesity related hormones. This also includes fat, storage, and our metabolism. The hypo-thalamus is responsible for maintaining homeostasis in our  body. This means acupuncture can help to curb appetite, quell cravings, improve digestion, and also enhance the way nutrients are being used.

Lastly, acupuncture boosts immunity and reduces inflammation. Studies have shown that acupuncture is effective for treating immune deficiency conditions because it raises levels of T cells and white blood cells within the body, and making an individual less receptive to any  bacterial or viral infections.

    ◦    Acupuncture is an excellent way to support and maintain a strong, healthy immune system and prevent yourself from getting sick.

    ◦    Furthermore, studies have shown acupuncture can reduce pro-inflammatory chemicals. Acupuncture encourages you body to heal on its own. In contrast, most conventional medical treatments work by suppressing or blocking the body’s natural healing response, often with negative side effects and serious health risks. Acupuncture is the best way to reduce Inflammation without compromising our immune function.

    ◦    All in all, acupuncture doesn’t just heal disease. It helps prevent it. You don’t have to be sick or in pain to benefit. Receiving regular acupuncture treatments promotes a long life and encourages healing on all levels.

Herbal medicine is an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine. When herbs are prescribed in conjunction with acupuncture and other treatments, the therapeutic results is extremely effective.

Traditional Chinese medicine herbal formulas contain selections of herbs. It’s from traditional Chinese medicine that  patients receive a customized written herbal formula designed by a licensed practitioner to help treat individual problems.

    ◦    The majority of herbal medicine is derived from organic substances such as plants, rhizomes, minerals, and animal products. What a professional practitioner prescribes is meant to correct traditional Chinese medicine pattern diagnoses, the patient experiences fewer, if any, side effects and only beneficial healing results.

Herbal remedies have been safely and effectively used for thousands of years. Herbal medicine can be a benefit to people of all ages.

    ◦    Traditional Chinese medicine benefits young children, pregnant woman, lactating mothers, and the elderly, when prescribed by a licensed practitioner.

Acupuncture facial rejuvenation:

    ◦    What are the benefits of facial rejuvenation?

    ◦    In ancient anti-aging techniques designed to rejuvenate and revitalize the face. Microfine acupuncture needles are inserted into specific points to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

Why have an acupuncture facial?

    ◦    This facial is a safe and an effective alternative to surgery, or injectables like Botox, and fillers.

    ◦    This type of facial done is cost- affective and there are no negative side effects. The facial in addition, improves your overall health.

    ◦    During the treatment, body points are needed to correct any health issues, reduce stress, and promote well-being.

    ◦    How many treatments are necessary to be effective?

    ◦    Many patients see results in just a couple of sessions. We recommend a series of 15 to 20 treatments for optimal results. The number of treatments necessary depends on personal constitution, and level of damage/repair.

My personal story:

Acupuncture has saved my life. I’m allergic to most medications and so acupuncture gave alternatives to treating infections where antibiotics are normally prescribed. I recommend acupuncture to anyone, it does not have any side effects that medications have. With acupuncture, if additional medication is needed medicine they give you Chinese herbs. Chinese herbs are given in pill form or tea packets. In addition, women go to acupuncture to alleviate deprivation or morning sickness.

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