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Sex Goes Mainstream at the AVN Novelty Expo at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

The evolution of the narrative of sex, from one whispered behind closed doors to a casual conversation you'd have a cocktail party

In late January, Edible Skinny was lucky enough to attend the AVNS, the Adult Video News Novelty Expo at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas (BTWs RIP the iconic Hard Rock, which has since closed and is metamorphosing into a Richard Branson Virgin Hotel/Casino/Extravaganza!)

But Back to the SEX!

The AVNs is a Disney World emporium of adult experiences from robot sex dolls (Hello Westworld!) to flogger salesmen. With a "No Judgements" attitude, it is really ALL here! And, along with these sexy "Show and Tell" items, there are more than 1,000 stars from the adult industry walking the Floor, fluffing themselves up for the BIG Saturday Night event: the AVN Awards aka the "Oscars of Porn." (Which BTWs was broadcast on Showtime this year!). Presenting the 37th AVN Awards were CamGirl Emily Bloom and Adult Star Nikki Benz, Comedian Aries Spears co-hosted the Festivities with Musical Performances by Rapper Doja Cat and DJ Diplo. Sounds Fancy, right? Like a hipper version of the Grammys, right? Well it is!

This was my fourth year attending the AVNs (Yeap, I really am that cool!). Four is a number where you start seeing business trends in the adult industry (Once again, Yeap, I really am that cool!). I've seen the evolution of the narrative of sex, from one whispered behind closed doors to a casual conversation you'd have a cocktail party. When I was a kid, porn was something hidden away in closets or cable tv. Well, not anymore! (Thank God!). The "Beast with Two Backs" has become mainstream because (Deep Breath), it's just sex. So with that casualness in mind, here are some new products Edible Skinny discovered at this year's AVN Expo.

Here's to life being delicious, all your moments being postcard worthy, and coming out of the closet with whatever you want to do, because this is 2020 and you can be whoever you want to be!


Tickle your Yoni's Funny Bones! Naughty Bits is a brand of nightstand products that stands out from the rest! These unique designs will put a smile on your face before and after use. With kitschy playful names such as: Party In My Pants, W.I.L.F. (Wand I'd Like to Fuck), Horny AF, and Screwnicorn they are the perfect for your improv comedy significant other.


While at the AVNs, I ran into my friend Huneybaked who is a WebCam Model and Content Creator on (we know each other from my days of dancing at Hustler Las Vegas!). This chance encounter made me realize that in the four years covering AVNs, Edible Skinny has never really delved into the world of streaming sites such as MyFreeCams, Camsoda, and Chaturbate. Webcamming allows models to interact with their viewers in chatroom communities, offering fans an intimate connection with performers playing the role of both porn star and virtual girlfriend. Camming gives entrepreneurial women (like my friend Huneybaked) the opportunity to reclaim profits from the traditionally male-dominated pornography industry. Girls create a variety of videos (from naked yoga to intricate porn narratives) which members of pay to watch and/or download. Webcamming allows performers the ability to maintain their porn image and dictate the terms and conditions on which they are viewed, all from the comfort of their own home. Talk about working from home!


Sounds Gay... I'm in! The Gemini is the vibrator hack for lesbians aspiring to reach the eye contact intimacy of the (somewhat overrated) missionary position. This dual vibe vibrator allows for remote control activation once it's nestled against the first partner's g-spot. Once Female One is up to speed (Hee Hee), then the other Double X Chromosome can slip the second part into herself. And voila, the ultimate menage a trois!


Show me the ropes! Why does all the bondage out there have to be so serious and boring? Well Liquid Nymph believes getting tied up can be elegant, cute and feminine. (Think Eyes Wide Shut minus the creepiness... or the murdering...). Liquid Nymph's BDSM company offers Collars and Day Collars, Fetish Cuffs, and Leashes. With looks inspired by Lolita, Gothic, SteamPunk, Orientalism, Sissy Maids and more you can play out your ultimate fantasy while still tied up in style!


You need me to knead you! Perfect for when you want to want to give your partner and massage, minus all the hard world! Fukuoku's dual-speed vibrating massage glove heightens essential massage, sending 45,000 vibrations per minute at full speed. It's even waterproof and submersible so you can share these relaxing moments with your partner in the shower, bathtub, Jacuzzi, sauna! Rub-A-Dub-Dub!


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