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Police Fight Police in China, As Hubei Ends #Covid19 Curfew, but Neighboring Province says "Keep Out!"

Police, public clash as border reopens between coronavirus epicentre Hubei and Jiangxi province

Police with conflicting orders fought with shields and batons on a bridge leading out of coronavirus epicenter Hubei Province, reports the South China Morning Post. The Hong Kong based, English language newspaper posted video of the two provincial police forces fighting each other.

People who had been locked up in Hubei province, but not residing in Wuhan, were allowed to leave the province for the first time in 60 days on March 25th. But people in Jiujiang, the neighboring province, did not want to let them in, fearing they would bring Covid-19 with them. Jiujiang police were ordered to close the bridge connecting Hubei to Jiujiang. Hubei police were ordered to open the bridge. The conflict arose from their conflicting orders.

About 60 million people live in Hubei province, with about 12 million residing in the provincial capital, Wuhan.

"Police Forces from the 2 provinces clashed over the reopening of the border," said the SCMP website. "It came 2 days after China opened a 2 month lockdown on most of Hubei, the first Coronavirus epicentre."

Numerous police vehicles were rolled over, as people tried to build a dam to keep the flow of Hubei refugees away from Jiujiang, the neighboring province. Jiujiang Police are seen using shields and batons to battle Hubei police.

Finally, a communist party chief with a bullhorn, wearing a face mask, explains to the public that the bridge will be reopened "in accordance with due process of law," whatever that means in a Chinese context.

To be fair, in the US Rhode Island's Governor and Florida's Governor have each spoken publicly about the need to keep New York residents from escaping to their States. This is in contravention of the US Constitution, which guarantees free movement of people from US State to US State.

The way that some people in the US blame China for the outbreak, apparently people in China blame those who live in Hubei province, ground zero for the deadly outbreak.


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