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Ayyaddurai: Coronavirus Was Created by China to Control Hong Kong, & Spread by the Deep State to Control You

"With Covid-19, Big Pharma and Big Media work very closely together to pull off a fascist fraud on the public."

Coronavirus has led to numerous conspiracy theories. Below is a summary of Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai's sweeping conspiratorial claims contained in a Youtube video, left. At bottom is Wikipedia's critique of Shiva Ayyaddurai.

On the video, Ayyaddurai says: "There's this bogeyman called the virus. And you need the vaccine to save you. Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton and the Clinton foundation will bring it to you.

"The truth is, your own immune system could save you. There is this third cylinder of the immune system that fires if you eat a good diet. Vitamin D, Vitamin A will cure this and any other virus. But they don't want you to know that.

"The African country of Chad has had just one Covid-19 case, people are out in the sun digging up roots. If you just get out in the sun like they do, you will beat this and many other viruses.

"Monsanto wants you eating their recipe for death. This is the result of the hype. Now, they've got millions of people, hiding in their homes and ready to accept fascism, in order to save themselves.

"Remember when Mike Jordan played with the flu? This whole thing is a setup, and its brought to you by Anthony Fauci, a huge supporter of Hillary Clinton.

"Anthony Fauci should be indicted, if they only knew what this guy did. He built his career on the false narrative that HIV causes AIDS. Peter said wait a minute, there is no causal relationship between HIV and AIDS. The guy that promoted the lie of the connection was Robert Gallo, Fauci's mentor.

"Pharma and Media work very closely together to pull off a fascist fraud on the American and world public. These indigenous people know how to protect their health, but these guys, Mark Zukerberg and Bill Gates, have built false legacies of their success in technology, to allow themselves to inject controlling substances into the veins of people around the world.

"All the establishment parties want to control you and hurt you, to turn you into revenue creating machines for people like Gates, Fauci. It's a cabal.

"Massachusetts is really the center of the deep state, between MIT and Harvard. They see this as an election for truth, freedom and health." (Ayyadurai is running for US Senate. )

"Coronavirus has been well planned to achieve all the aims of the deep state. Eliminate borders, cashless society, go to negative interest rates so they own all our money. Everything is monitored, in a 5G rule to put capers everywhere so you can understand what people are saying and suppress free speech. Move to scientific concensus so you can create fake problems ("co2 is a pollutant") and a fake solution.

"The real problem is how to beef up the imuno-responses of people. Do you want truth freedom and health, or lies and control."

It's from freedom that we get truth, and from truth that we get hope."

Wikipedia raises doubt about Ayyadurai, whether he really created email, and also addresses his coronavirus conspiracy claims.

During the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic Ayyadurai used social media to spread various conspiracy theories and misinformations about the pandemic. In January 2020 he claimed that the coronavirus was patented by the Pirbright Institute but the patent referred to a different coronavirus that infects birds.

In a video he uploaded to YouTube titled "How To Kill Coronavirus" he claimed it was possible to kill the virus by inhaling hot air from a hair dryer. The video was removed from YouTube for violating standards.

He alleged that the virus was spread by the "deep state" and accused Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, of being a "Deep State Plant". Ayyadurai called for Fauci to be fired.

In March 2020 he published an Open letter to president Donald Trump where he wrote that a national lockdown was unneccessary and advocated that large doses of vitamins could prevent and cure the disease.


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