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NYC Nurse Claims She Was Reassigned For Discouraging the Use of Ventilators in Coronavirus Cases

She also claims hospitals have a financial incentive to diagnose Covid-19 and to place patients on ventilators.

90% of Covid19 patients who are placed on ventilators die anyway. This is a statistical fact.

Erin Marie says that she is Registered Nurse in Queens, and also a former E5 Sargeant in the US Army. She has discouraged the use of ventilators on Covid patients. Marie claims the hospital pulled her from her job at the ICU and reassigned her to the ER, because of her advocacy for patients.

She also claims hospitals have a financial incentive to diagnose Covid-19 and to place patients on ventilators. Elmhurst Hospital Center (EHC), also known as NYC Health + Hospitals/Elmhurst, is a 545-bed public hospital in Queens, NYC.

Tuesday, she posted the following to her Facebook page:

Yesterday morning, they abruptly pulled me out of ICU and put me in the ER. It was around 9:00am and I had started my shift at 7:00am. The managers words went something like, "You need to give your patient reports to someone else and meet me in the hall."

I was devastated because they were pulling me from a patient that I have been with for two weeks. I have been advocating so hard for him and titrated all his drips down to nothing! I fought in his defense with fellows/residents on treatments and what I knew he needed and didn't need. Got him a trach and he was breathing on his own with CPAP settings. We were going to move to a simple trach collar and sit up in the chair yesterday for the first time. We had a bond and when I got to shift everyday, he would smile and wave. We called his sons and talked with them over FaceTime. I told them that their Dad was doing amazing and that I never leave his room-ever. I never left. One of them started crying and just said, "Thank you, he has a new grand-'baby waiting to meet him-we miss our Dad."

I got to the ER and not 30-minutes into my shift, I heard a code over the loudspeaker and it was my ICU room. I went running upstairs and it felt as if everything was in slow motion. I got to the hallway and there are people surrounding his room. I knew he was gone. I couldn't walk any further down that filthy floor.

A few hours later, it's announced they're closing that ICU unit down and transferring all their patients to different, already over-packed ICU units to open their floor up to non-COVID.

People are disposable here. I sat outside and cried hard yesterday. People were walking by telling me if would be okay. No, it won't. It won't be okay until this is exposed. I am so frustrated with the administration and I am so sad for these patients and their families who are tangled up in this disgusting mess.

I received a text message at 11:00pm last night telling me I won't be checking into Elmhurst and to report to my account manager this morning. They are sending me home.

Let the games begin. Justice will be served.

This is for you, R.C. You deserved more. You deserved to meet your Grandson. They took that from you...

Erin Marie


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BJJohnson writes:

I am at Elmhurst. This person couldn't have possibly heard that her patient was coding when she was reassigned to the ED because code announcements in the hospital are not heard in the ED. I worked in the ED during the height of the crisis through the same agency Erin worked for. She arrived after the height of the crisis.