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Uncover the History of the Santa Monica Pier with New 'Secret Story Tour' Digital Interactive Experience

Rediscover the iconic Santa Monica Pier through an immersive, location-based digital quest available on mobile devices beginning October 15, 2020

You've experienced the Pier before, but never like this!

The historic Santa Monica Pier has reimagined the way guests can experience the Pier with 'Secret Story Tour,' the new, immersive digital quest that travels back in time to discover the most legendary secret stories from the landmark's 110 year legacy.

Created by renowned game design duo, The Wild Optimists, and developed in partnership with the Santa Monica Pier Corporation, Secret Story Tour is a family-friendly, location-based digital tour where guests solve a total of 12 puzzles on their quest, each revealing a fun fact or untold story from the Pier's rich history. Each puzzle game unlocks the next when solved, creating an engaging immersive experience that invites guests to discover multiple points throughout the Pier. For added fun, each of the clues offers a photo filter before moving to the next clue to capture and share the experience along the way.

"We can't think of a better time to bring this digital/physical hybrid experience to life," said Negin Singh, Executive Director of the Santa Monica Pier Corporation. "We know that everyone, especially families, are looking for safe and fun activities, and we are lucky to have puzzle masters like the Wild Optimists, and an open-air space to make it happen!"

This digital tour is an adventure for all ages and can be used in household groups or individually and accessed through any smart mobile device. The location-based tour can be downloaded in the app store and can only be experienced while visiting the Pier, allowing guests to explore the Pier and solve the quest at their leisure and from safe distances. Secret Story Tour launches October 15, 2020 for $19.99 and is available now for download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

About Santa Monica Pier

A historic landmark and world-renowned cultural institution, the Santa Monica Pier is a public space approximately the size of a three block city street, features a theme park, an aquarium, a trapeze school, an arcade, eight restaurants, six stores, thirteen vendor carts, fishing, a 104-year-old merry go-round and 20+ street performers. Add to this year-round free-and-open-to-the-public programming, major branded activations, art installations and more, it's easy to see why 10-12 million people visit the Pier each year. It's a welcoming place for all to celebrate and serves to enrich the lives of Santa Monica residents and visitors alike. For more information, visit

The all-new, totally fun digital and interactive experience through the untold history of the Pier. Follow the clues and solve location-based puzzles to unlock the secrets of the Pier -- on the quest you can discover new ways to help preserve the Pier and capture one-of-a-kind photos along the way.

The Secret Story Tour app is available in

the App Store and Google Play Store NOW.

Visit the Pier, download the App and play along! Share your favorite images with us after you complete the journey with #PierSecretStoryTour

Please allow 45-60 minutes for the tour. You can pause/resume as you wish. $19.99


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