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As a Crappy Year Ends, Choir of Singing Portapotties Sing the Hallelujah Chorus

#jinglejohns goes viral on social media. But something doesn't smell right.

Can this year get any worse? Well, probably not. But remember, in total darkness, you can see the light of a single candle a mile away. And you can see a row of singing portapotties performing the Hallelujah choir on the streets of Chicago. And probably smell them as well.

The story of the singing porta-potties begins with an Illinois company called Service Sanitation. They deliver portable toilets to construction sites, events and wherever needed.

"We believe that every individual, wherever they may go, should have access to clean water, clean toilets, and overall good hygiene. Together, we leverage the power of portable sanitation to better the communities we serve and empower the American worker to achieve more by saving time and resources."

Handel's "The Messiah" is an English language oratorio written by George Frideric Handle and first performed in 1741. There is a tradition of standing and singing during the most famous portion of the piece, the Hallelujah Chorus. Which is fitting, since I would never actually sit down in a portable restroom.

"We wanted to do with a portable restroom, what no one had done before," it says in a behind the scene video about the singing Johns.

To read more about Service Sanitation and the Singing Porta Potties, go to, and also to


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