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Inmate at California Women's Prison Infected with Covid After Receiving Both Vaccine Shots

Info from officers tends to be more valid as they have access to direct knowledge

That's right. Prisoner patient 0 of this current CIW prisoner outbreak involves a prisoner who was fully vaccinated!!! So, it's clear the vaccine sucks. I only got one vaccine. Essentially I am Anti-Vax and Anti-Mask all the way. Covid missed me and hit others around me like a surgeon. What made me different?? I take vitamins religiously!! No joke. Vitamins will protect you from more than Covid.

My source about the women sick with covid already having had both shots is a correctional officer. Not an inmate. Officers like to gossip and spread news as much as the rest if us. However, info from officers tends to be more valid as they have access to direct knowledge of how and why this medical lockdown/quarantine is happening.

I'm guessing we'll be tested later today, maybe tomorrow for covid. We may have to pass multiple covid tests before they take us off of lockdown.

I started college a couple of weeks ago. So, I'll be able to use this lockdown time to complete my course work. You must always look for the blessing in each lockdown to catch up on yourself and recharge. Lockdown is a break from the rat race and pressure of daily having to manage your time and make time for self care and self maintenance. Funny, I authored a complete self care program, yet I have a tough time making time to do it? Like life both in or out of prison.

Anyway, spread the word. The vaccine is ineffective in correctional settings!!


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