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Masks Are Over: President Biden, CDC Announce No Need to Wear Masks if you are Vaccinated.

14 months after the pandemic began the most visible aspect of it is over. Unless You're in a Crowd, no more masks indoors or outdoors

5/13/21: We've all become used to covering our faces everywhere. But as announced Thursday morning by the head of the Centers for Disease Control, and echoed by US President Joseph Biden, there is no longer a need to wear a mask whether indoors or outdoors.

President Biden credited an "all out effort" to vaccinate Americans. About half of the adult population is vaccinated. "The CDC is saying they have concluded that fully vaccinated people are at a very low risk of getting Covid...Please protect yourself until you get to the finished line," said, Biden, slurring his words.

"The safest thing for this country, is getting vaccinated," Biden continued. "95% of you live within five miles of those locations," meaning vaccination centers.

The administration has found itself under increasing pressure to remove the Federal mask mandate that Biden enacted the day he was sworn in, fulfilling a campaign promise. TV personalities on FoxNews have been saying for a while that being able to take off one's mask indoors, should be held out as a reward for vaccination. Recently, even Chris Cuomo of CNN has been saying more or less the same.

Preceding Biden's speech, the CDC announced changes for its mask guidance, saying people who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 can cease physical distancing and mask wearing in most situations.

Under the new guidance, the CDC says Americans who have been fully vaccinated - those who received their final dose more than 14 days ago - don't need to wear masks for most indoor or outdoor activities. DC Director Dr. Rochelle Walesnky said the guidance update reflects new data and scientific literature.

The end of the mask mandate does raise a question: If you walk into a Post Office or a grocery store where some are wearing masks and others aren't, how will you know who's really been vaccinated?


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