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Big Brother is a Gift To Women's Prison

Woman prisoner welcomes the arrival of security cameras

As I write this, a team of technicians are at work installing cameras in my housing unit. For the first time ever here at CIW. So, all activities will now be able to be monitored and used to prove and disprove things. I'm cool with it. It makes us safer. It keeps people honest. Since I've been here 8 years, many male officers have lost their jobs over relationships with female inmates. I personally saw some of this happening. CIW is known for having a breed of male cops willing to have a relationship with female inmates. I heard about it for years before I got here.

The cameras are long overdue and will change how people behave. They'll also make it impossible to have fights and not get caught. These cameras will now shine a light on everything big and small. So everyone must act as if they're being watched because now we are.

I have no idea how the officers feel about it. I'm good with it. It will solve the problem with theft for sure!! That's a huge problem here at CIW. You come back to your cell, and your TV or your fan is gone. Many of us put a combo lock around the electrical cords of our appliances to avoid theft. They simply can't get it off of the bed. You wrap the cords around the metal bunk bars and put a lock over them. Then you'll have protected your $400 worth of TV, fan, lamp, detention cord, radio, battery charger, etc. You'll be all good. You have to think like a thief to stop one. So, I did.

These cameras at sure to change the terrain for many people. I'm in an honor unit, so many of the usual worries don't happen in here. Fighting, theft, robberies, jumping people, drug sales. All these things will be in sight of cameras. Even though the cameras don't see inside of the cells, the amount of traffic at one cell door or where a person known for drug use/sales goes to hang out will now provide leads on where to focus investigations and help cure many other issues. No more false accusations many women like to make when they're angry at someone. They'll have to get more creative in that reguard. I have no doubt they'll do just that. I'm excited to see what role BIG BROTHER will play now that cameras will be a regular part of our prison lives...


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