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Secret Room Events hosts a Dazzling Celebrity Award Event in honor of the Emmy Awards 2021.

Luxurious services to guests ranged from massages, Eye Lashes, Teeth whitening, Botox, fillers & nails

9/19: This Award season, Secret Room Events, the veteran Luxury Lifestyle Gifting and special events company honored the 2021 EMMY Nominees and Presenters on September the 16th, by hosting its Annual Celebrity Award Event. Held at the luxurious Petersen Automotive Museum ROOFTOP, appropriately so, this year the guests were treated to a lavish array of gifts and services. This Awards season saw luxury lifestyle brands being showcased.

Secret Room Events, led by experienced event producer, Ms.Rita Branch, was proud to sponsor this year's event providing luxurious services to guests ranging from massages, Eye Lashes, Teeth whitening, Botox, fillers & nails. Also on hand Beverly Hills Tennis Academy will be giving free tennis gift certificates to the Secret Room Events Pre-Golden Globe Nominees and media lounge. The suite also included High end Diamond jewelry, hip and trendy baby and pet products, luxurious skin and hair care products as well as Botox fillers by the top injector Lori Gerber D.O & nails manicured by 10 + free life. Open to only celebrities and media, this event will host some of today's most unique, fashionable and luxurious companies, products and services.

This year's event was co-sponsored by GE LIGHTING A Savant company & BVG Sunglasses. The media partner this year was Magazine is an Affluent Lifestyle Guide in Los Angeles.

Large luxurious brands that gifted their amazing products at the event were Lori Gerber D.O, Kitten Beauty, 10 + free life, Freestyle photo C, Imaging Supplies, Electric Blue Bee Bop, nomadiQ -Portable grills, Brave Essentials, Love You More, Keii Desserts, Just Bagels

SHEbd, HMNKIND- Sadie & Sage LLC, Plant Perks, Stern Pinball, Umi's Roots, BISOULOVELY, We are third mind, Skin Prophecy and Pet Prophecy, Nurse Hatty, Knuckleheads Clothing, PARU, Regular Ren LLC and Kelly Kay Paper Co.

All guests will also be given a huge bag filled with these wonderful items below from gift bags Large LL BEAN & Earthsaver tote bags filled with products with these brands: Rise Brewing Coo, ADURO Products, Humm Kombucha, Natures Plus, Sport Tea®, VAHDAM INDIA, Coal and Canary, Trust Fund BEAUTY, GIRL NATIVE AOTEAROA, Private Doctor skincare, Bollow AL pharing, Kakao Friends, Marks mindful munchies, NERDY®, YAPA Beauty USA, Sparti scent powered by Scentinvent Technologies, Sunia yoga, ESSENTIALS JEWELS, King Dukes , Premium Pet products, Pink as gold Mitchelle Scarlet, Rango Honey, PRETTY DENIM, DUBAI LEAF, LUMIFY® redness reliever eye drops, Dela Paul Apparel and PREVAIL Jerkey, Furr Fighters, Drink path -path water, Green kids club ,Inc, H2rOse -, Karite Delapoint, MYSTIQUE BEACH, BlissLights, Orchestra, Aaxll Branch Company Ltd, CALA PRODUCTS, GG Skin care, HI-CHEW, Bebitza, 7th Heaven, Sefoli skincare, Gospal Glam cosmetics, Jillian Leigh Jewelry, Justins, Lake Country Ranch and also Wild Horse Haters and GRTACTIVE, a Swiss brand was present showcasing their brand " Simplicity and unique taste combine harmony with nature from the Peter family".

Guests enjoyed libations and snacks from RASTA Cantina which served Maragrita's as well as BAO'JITO. Double Zero Pizza founder Matthew Kenney was also present and served up their amazing pizzas.

To conclude, it was a decadent and thoughtful gifting lounge with all the guests thoroughly enjoying what was on offer.

About Secret Room Events:

Secret Room Events produces exclusive gift lounges and gift bags surrounding major awards shows. Secret Room Events was voted top gift suite by Huffington Post, featured in the LA Times, Washington Post, Access Hollywood, E!, OK!, HGTV, and many more. Please check out their website for more information.


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