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After ATM Robbery, LAPD Apprehends Suspect on the 2200 Block of Midvale in West Los Angeles.

A police helicopter circles ordinarily quiet neighborhood south of Olympic in West LA

One local resident reported that a suspect had attacked four people in the parking lot at Chase Bank, corner of Olympic Blvd and Westwood. The suspect had fled to a backyard on Midvale. After a search including a police helicopter LAPD apprehended the suspect, who was placed under arrest for attempted armed robbery.

Residents of the normally quiet 2200 block of Midvale Avenue in West LA, were confronted late Saturday morning with heavy LAPD presence. At 11 am, about 20 LAPD black and white police car units were parked on the street. A few policemen brandished rifles. A police helicopter circled overhead.

Update, 1 pm PST 10/23/21: Police have left the area and Midvale is now normal. No police presence reported.


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