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Ukrainian Women Soldiers, Civilians Also Fight Invading Russian Army

"She is Miss Ukraine, Anasasiia Lenna. Ukraine has 36,000 women serving in the military"

As women and children are being evacuated, some Ukrainian women are also joining the military and helping men fight off the Russian army. "Ukrainian army has 17% women soldiers 🇺🇦Among these incredibly brave women, here is the Pict of #IrynaTsvila killed while trying to stop Russian army near #Kyev 🙏🏼 #UkraineUnderAttack #PutinsWar #PutinHitler" reads one unverified post on Twitter.

"She is Miss Ukraine, Anasasiia Lenna. Ukraine has 36,000 women serving in the military. It has one of the largest number of women serving in active combat roles. Hats off #zelensky #ukrainerussiawar," reads another post.

There can be no doubt that this war has captured the world's imagination. "What a photo of these Ukrainian women who volunteered to fight the Russian army in Kyiv. The second woman from the left, Julia, is a teacher. The photo is by @lynseyaddario .

The Russian army has encountered far more resistance in their ill considered military incursion into Ukrainian territory. Ukraine continues to hold all major population centers, and is beginning to receive offensive weapons even from initially reluctant allies like the US and Germany. Some are questioning the wisdom or even the sanity of Putin's decision to move his troops into Ukraine, which has now been fully independent from Russia since 1991.

Says, "According to an updated regulation that went into effect Friday, Dec. 17, women between 18 and 60 who are "fit for military service" and work in a broad range of professions are required to register with Ukraine's armed forces. In the event of a major war, this expanded reserve of women can be mobilized as part of the national reserve to serve in a broad range of military specialties.

"This is not about conscription after reaching some age, as it is for men. It is about conscription in the wartime. And considering more than 122,000 Russian troops are at our borders, the decision seems logical, timely, and sensible," said Oleksandra Ustinova, 36, a member of Ukraine's national parliament, the Verkhovna Rada."


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