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Unexploded Russian Missile Pierces the side of a BMW SUV in Kharkiv, Ukraine

Well hopefully the owner is insured for this.

It could be a car park anywhere in the West. Except for the unexploded ordinance sticking into the side of a resident's BMW SUV.

"BMW SUV impaled by a Smerch MLRS rocket booster in Kharkiv." Bob Lee tweeted this photo and caption. Well hopefully the owner is insured for this. Or can afford another car. Do mechanics repair this kind of damage?

The Ukrainian authorities say that the Russian troops are demoralized, and increasingly violating rules of engagement and attacking civilian populations in anger.

Kharkiv has proven especially difficult for the Russian Army to conquer. Aside from hundreds of civilian casualties there, the Russians have suffered around 12,000 casualties in the 12 day old Ukraine Russia war.


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