Children's Zoo North of Kyiv Reports Animals are Dying of Cold and Hunger

Requests an emergency evacuation corridor, to remove the animals from the zoo.


March 21, 2022


Park of the XII Months

The XII Months Contact Zoo, located in the village of Demydiv in the Kyiv region, has requested a humanitarian corridor to supply food to the wards and evacuate transportable animals. This from the owner of the park, Mykhailo Pinchuk, on Facebook


Park of the XII Months

"We need green corridors, we need to deliver food and diesel, help who can....we need green corridors for the delivery of rubber aid and for the evacuation of transportable animals."

The zoo reported that the animals were dying of hunger and cold.

Earlier, Pinchuk said that frost-resistant animals in outdoor enclosures die of hunger, and exotic animals in need of heat die of hunger and cold. According to him, there is no electricity or gas in the park, the diesel has run out.

"We need green corridors to bring in diesel, heat and feed them. We can't take out rhinos and giraffes, big animals, we don't even have medicine to put them to sleep. We need to negotiate green corridors," he said.


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