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Wow: Nancy Pelosi Makes Surprise Visit to Kyiv to Meet Zelensky in Ukraine Capital During War with Russia, May 1

US Congress recently approved a package of $33 billion dollars in financial aid to Ukraine, for its war with Russia

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi pulled off a surprise visit to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine on Sunday morning. She walked through the streets of the besieged capital with Ukrainian president Volodomyr Zelensky.

He tweeted: "Meeting with the Speaker of the US House of Representatives @SpeakerPelosi in Kyiv. The United States is a leader in Ukraine's strong support in the fight against Russian aggression. Thank you for helping to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our state!"

The US Congress recently approved a package of $33 billion dollars in financial aid to Ukraine, to assist it to win its war against Russia. The US recently announced that its diplomats would return to Lviv, and eventually to Kyiv.

There had been speculation that Pres. Joe Biden himself would visit Kyiv, though this was dismissed by the Secret Service due to the security situation. Last week, US Sec. of State Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin met with Zelensky at the Ukrainian capital. Pelosi is next in line to the President, after Vice Pres. Kamala Harris.

Russia invaded its neighbor on Feb. 24th, citing the need to "denazify and demilitarize" the country. Numerous people predicted Russia would quickly prevail in the war, but the Ukrainians fought the Russians to a kind of draw. They are currently involved in an intensifying artillery duel in Eastern Ukraine, often called the Donbass region.

The video of Nancy Pelosi arriving to see Zelensky may be seen at

Also in the US delegation were Congressman Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee; Gregory Meeks, chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs; and Jim McGovern, chairman of the House Rules Committee. All of these were Democracts. Republican Reps. Barbara Lee, Bill Keating and Jason Crow also joined Pelosi in Kyiv.


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